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Friday, December 7, 2012

additional RS meeting: pancake party!

here is a link to last months A.R.S.M a get to know you night with an owl theme.
this month for the additional RS message I did a pancake party.
we had a bunch of pancake mix left over from a summer breakfast that the ward did, so in attempts to use what we already had, I came up with a pancake bar.
I just gathered some frames from around the house and created some some chalkboard typography, which is all the rage in pinterest land, and for good reason. It's super cute.
I thrifted the three silver vases? buckets? (I don't know what they are called?) for 5 bucks and filled them with stuff I found outside.
Unfortunately I forgot the table cloth, so everything looks a bit unfinished but other than that it all came together nicely. (sadly I did not get a pic with the pancake platters. they went in that big empty space)

I made 4 different kinds of pancakes:
cottage cheese
whole wheat

sadly I didn't get any pictures of them on the table.

for toppings I did
choc chips
powedered sugar
along with
strawbery jam
raspberry jam
I bought the sqeeze bottles (98 cents each) from walmart and made some labels.
the jams and stuff were in mason jars with labels I made.
I found this birdcage (I have been wanting one forever but havent found anything inexpensive till now) at ross for 7 bucks! I was happy about that find. I think I am going to spraypaint it for my house now that I have used it for this (i didn't purchase it for this specific thing, it was just good timing as I have been looking for one forever)
I had bought the two metal baskets at a thirft store for 2.50 and put some moss in there for the jars.
I added a couple candles and a goard (sp?) for some filler and that was it.
I put the pancakes on silver platters in the big empty space on the table =)
and a water jug on the end of the table (after the pics were taken)
for the thought/lesson I talked about visting teaching.
I wanted to give the sisters some fun cheesy ideas to use when they visit teach just to break the ice and have some fun with it.
I had three bottles of soda each with the saying "We're soda-lighted to be your visiting teachers"
and 2 packages of grands rolls with the saying "We think you're GRAND. Love you visiting teachers"
I gave them to the first 5 sisters that got to the meeting, to give to their visiting teach-ees
I also found this really cute calling card on pinterest that I printed off for everyone to give the sisters they visit
I also had a poem for them that I printed off and cutified (did i just make up a word?) with some scrapbook paper:

I created a free download here for you to print your own!

If you would like to use any of these, feel free to comment and I can email them to you!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Additional Relief Society Meeting: Owl theme getting to know you

Last month I got a new calling.
I am no longer the gospel docterine teacher, I am the second councilor in the RS presidency.
I LOVE my new calling.
I have always felt best when serving in the RS so I am sooooo excited to be back!
As the second councilor I am in charge of the additional meetings.

Last night was my first one.
I decided I wanted to document my activities here so that I can come back for ideas in the future.
Also, I spent alot of time on these things, so if you are interested in maybe using any of them, please let me know! (I could email you the files to edit for your own wards!) I would love this stuff to get more use than just a couple hours one night, becuase I spent so much time creating this stuff!

Anyways, when I got the calling I immediately started thinking of ideas, and after learning more about our RS and their specific needs, I decided to start out with a get to know you night.
This was for the month of October but I wanted to steer clear of a Halloween theme, mainly becuase it was a church thing and Halloween is about dark dead things!
So, I came up with an owl theme. It's still an october-ish thing and I love them so it was perfect.
The ideas started flooding in. I did most my thinking and creating in my head while I tried to fall asleep each night. For some reason that is when I do my best thinking.

I decided that the owl theme would be perfect for a get to know you night
because I could use things like:
"Whoooooo are you?"
Whooooooo's Whoooo?"

which I did!

Here is the invitiation that I created (in microsoft word...lol):

As you casn see, I told the sisters to bring 3-5 items from home that describe them, their talents and interests, in a bag so that no one could see what they brought.

I had the refreshements set up in one room to start the night, and we then made our way to the RS room for the rest of the night.

Here is the entrance to the first room:

I had a sign on the table instructing the sisters to leave their bag of items there.

I had some name tags so that everyone would know everyone elses name
(which would come in handy later).

I made a bunch of owl ornaments for each sister to take home with them. I found that idea here. She even has a a free download for the pattern she used, which I also used, but changed mine up a bit by using the sewing machine rather than doing them by hand like she did.)

I also added that big owl cookie jar as decoration to the table. I found that thing at a yard sale this summer for a whopping 2 bucks and I love it.

For the refreshments I got a little cheesy and did owl cupcakes, which are all over pinterest.
I didn't LOVE this idea, cause it is a bit cheesy, but thought that regular old cupcakes would be boring, so I did it!
The other little cookie sandwiches just happend.
I made some pumpkin cookies, that turned out flat and blah, and since I only used one side of each oreo for the owls, I cut the pumpkin cookies in circles the same size as the oreo and sandwiched them together using frosting to keep them together and dusted them with powdered sugar.
I am not sure how they turned out cause I didn't try them, but that was just a last minute concoction.
While the sisters were eating and visitng, I was in the RS room setting up all their items on display.
I grouped them together and numbered them.
We then went around and guessed who brought what.
This is where the name tags came in handy, in case there were sisters who did not know eachother.
I created this little list for each of them to write their guesses on.
After everyone was done looking through the items and making their guesses, I had each sister in order, come up and describe the items they brought and why.
The sister that got the most correct got a prize.

The meeting turned out so well.
I was BLOWN AWAY by the amazing talents of the sisters in my ward and we all got to know eachother so much better!
I already have some fun ideas brewing for Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and Mar!

Monday, July 9, 2012

It's not a Diet, It's a Lifestyle: Detox Symptoms

In the first post about our lifestyle change I mentioned that my body went through some detox as I changed my diet.
Like I did, you might think that starting to eliminate sugars, meats and other bad things, and replacing them with more nutritious fruits and veg, that your body would soon be showing the benefits. But our body has to eliminate those things first. It does this in many different ways. Here are the few that I experienced:

The first thing I noticed was acne.
I have NEVER had acne problems in all my life. I guess I was blessed with good skin, because I rarely get pimples and if I do, it's a sure sign of 'that time of the month'.
One morning I woke up with acne all over my upper chest and neck. This was about 2 weeks into our change in diet. This lasted about 2 weeks.
At first I didn't realize what it was, and started worrying, trying to figure out what might have caused it.
I started thinking about all the things I use, shampoo, lotion, makeup, laundry soap, thinking that maybe I was having some sort of reaction. I hadn't made any changes like that, so none of those things made any sense.

The next thing that I noticed was that I was bloated pretty much every day for a few weeks.

I did have headaches as well, but I get headaches no matter what, so I don't know if they were detox symptoms or just my normal headaches. But headaches are definitely a detox symptom when you change your diet or eliminate something that your body was reliant on. I am hopeful that my new eating habits will eliminate or severely lesson my normal headaches.
As I mentioned in the first post of this series, I also lost quite a bit of weight in the first few weeks. This is another detox symptom. I lost 11 lbs in 3 weeks.

The next thing that I noticed was my nose was more runny and I was excreting more mucus by sneezing a lot. That lasted a week-ish

All of these things happened in the same week, so I started thinking that maybe my body was trying to eliminate the bad stuff. I wasn't sure if this is was it was so I googled detox symptoms of diet change and sure enough, these were all things that people have experienced when eliminating the things that we have.
Not everyone will have detox symptoms. It just depends on your body. For example, Brock had no detox symptoms.

All of these symptoms are caused by toxins that are trying to leave your body. All the chemicals from the foods that I was eating before were trying to make their way out of me and this is how they did it.

Friday, July 6, 2012

It's not a diet, It's a lifestyle. part 1

It's not a diet, It's a lifestyle
Brock and I have got a lot of flack for certain choices we have recently made in our eating habits. These choices are the effects of a lot of information that we have learned in the last month or two.

This blog post is an attempt to answer any questions we have had from people, to explain what it is we are doing, to inform and share what we have learned, and to hopefully end teasing, mis-understanding and negative comments. (The last one probably won't fully disappear, but at lest we can get our side of things out in this post)

Many people do not understand what we are doing and why. This is an attempt to combine months of research and learning. Originally we were going to try to do this in one blog post, but there is just a lot of information and we don't want you to get too bored =) so stay tuned for more in depth information broken down by subjects.

If you want to know how we have
lost a combined total of 25 LBS
in less than three weeks,
then keep reading!!!

It all started when we watched a documentary called "The Beautiful Truth". Brock came across it while watching "20 Lies Every American Should Know".
(Another really good video we suggest watching. You can watch both for free on youtube).
The Beautiful Truth really got us thinking about the things that effect our health. Things that can make us sick that we have no clue about. The documentary talks about so many important things, and about Dr. Max Gerson, that proposed a direct link between diet and the cure for cancer. It talks about toxins in foods, processed foods and the dangers of each. It talks about the Gerson Therapy, which consists of an all natural diet. Eating fruits and veg and no processed foods. For more information on the therapy, watch the video. Not only has this therapy cured many many cases of terminal cancer, it also prevents disease and cancers.
This was enough to get us started on this path.


We decided that we immediately needed to start eating only organic food .
Not only was this a health decision, but a LARGE financial decision. For us, it is more expensive. Quite a bit more expensive actually. But once the decision was made, that was it.
We feel that what we are spending now on food, will be much less than what we would spend in the future on healthcare if we didn't do this.

After we made this decision, the rest of the changes quickly snow balled.

We told Brock's brother about The beautiful Truth as well, and after watching it he decided to go Vegan.
I'll be honest, I thought that was a little dramatic when I initially heard that, but my opinion quickly made a 180 after more learning and research.

After I watched The Beautiful Truth, I realized that people care about money more than they care about life. The people who appear to be helping, by trying to find a cure for cancer, are making millions and millions of dollars. The people who treat cancer are making millions and millions off of those that are ill. The pharmaceutical companies are making millions and millions of dollars off of sick people. Why on earth would they want to find a cure? To them, that is an end to their wealth. (Don't get me wrong, I do believe there are some good people out there that want to find a cure, but the cure might be right outside our doors....in our gardens!!)
The crazy thing is, Dr Gerson had many of these answers and guess what....he mysteriously died of arsenic poisoning after his notes and discoveries were stolen...
We are all led to believe one thing, when in fact that may not be true. We need to open our minds and step outside of what we are originally taught sometimes, to find the truth.
To me, a natural diet made sense.


After a couple weeks of organic, we made the decision to eliminate processed foods from our diets. We felt that even though we had made a step towards better food choices, it was not enough. Processed foods are a huge, if not the biggest, culprit to health problems, disease and obesity.
I am not going to discuss the dangers of processed foods at this time (post to come), but we encourage you to find out about the things we as a society are choosing to put into our bodies. It is crucial that we educate ourselves.


At this time we decided to drop all sugar as well. This was tough at first because we literally had to (and still do) check every label of everything we buy to make sure it does not have added sugar in it.
Like I said earlier, it is definitely a lifestyle change. Oh, and did I mention NO MORE COKE FOR ME... yikes.


From there we decided not to eat meat or dairy anymore. Brock had heard a newscast talking about levels of radiation being found in meat and things from Fukishima that have made its way over here.

With all of these things we had been learning, and all the changes that we have decided to make, one morning for our scripture reading we decided to read the Word of Wisdom (w.o.w).
We were immediately stunned and shocked.
We as mormon's know that the word of wisdom says that we should not drink alcohol, hot drinks, no tobacco and we live by that. But do we really know what it says about other nutrition? Meat for example...
Here is a link
Starting specifically with vs 12, the revelation says that flesh of beasts and fowl can be used SPARINGLY.
It then goes on to say that it is "pleasing unto me that they not be used, only in times of winter or cold or famine"

Now, some people say that it is how you interpret this. And I agree. People start to argue the placement of the comma after *used in vs 13. We have prayed about this, and we feel that we are being told that we should only eat meat in times of extreme freezing cold winter when there is famine. I do not believe that we have experienced such an occasion in our lifetime.
This is our belief, and we do not judge anyone who does choose to eat meat. We are were HUGE meat lovers. To us a meal wasn't a meal unless it had meat. It was the staple of our meals. But then our hearts and minds were open to the w.o.w and we have made the decision to not eat meat.
We do however urge you to read the w.o.w and decide for yourself. Pray about it and study additional scriptures about eating of meat. (there are many)

The dairy descision was also made at this time, and since then we have done more study on the negatives of drinking milk and consuming other dairy products.
There is also a lot of information out there about this (post to come)

So what do we eat? you ask...
Oh my, the possibilities are endless. The food that we have on our earth is so delicious and beautiful. Once you start looking into this kind of lifestyle you see that there is no end to the abundance of beautiful food we have to eat. One question we get is how will you get enough protein?
There is so much protein in plants if you eat the right ones! We can get all the nutrients we need by eating plants! Fruits and veg! Grains, nuts and seeds!!! And it is all so delicious.

One huge benefit of this that we were not expecting was immediate weight loss!!
In the first three weeks, Brock lost 14 lbs and I lost 11 lbs.
This is a big deal to me, because I do NOT lose weight easily. I have to work very hard for every pound I lose....until now!
We haven't stepped foot in the gym since we have started this.
We are going to start exercising though, because that is something our bodies need even if we are losing weight.

So are we Vegan? I guess if you have to put a label on it, that is the closest thing, but we do eat eggs (since we have chickens) and most vegans do not eat animal product mainly because of animal rights. Which is great. But this is not what drove us to no more meat or dairy. Although, the suffering that the animals go through is seriously depressing (maybe we will do a post on that). Also some vegans still eat processed foods. The vegan cheeses, tofu, those types of things are still processed. If what you are eating can't be pulled from a tree or picked from the ground and eaten in that same state, it is processed. We do consume SOME processed foods, but we go by a rule of 5 ingredients or less. If it has more than 5 or has ingredients that we can not pronounce, or do not know what they are, we do not eat them.

But don't take our word for it!
We encourage you to do this research for yourself. I am a born skeptic, so when I am presented with new information, I'm alwys asking questions to prove the 'other side'.
After we watch these documentaries and read these things, we research the other side. You can't always believe what you see or read, so you need to take it further and research different sides of the information you have been presented with, or just try this lifestyle for yourself. Try slowly dropping some of these things and see what a difference it makes in your life.

Our bodies are so used to the crap that we put into them, that when we change that for the better, by eating natural, our bodies might go into shock mode. For me personally, I had some detox symptoms. Whether it be from eliminating sugar, or the meat, whatever it was, my body was detoxing from what I was choosing to feed it before. I will do a post about the detox symptoms and what to expect....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

pallet chicken coop update

This weekend we finished the majority of the walls and roof.
We have one more small wall under the nesting boxes to fill in, but we ran out of plywood.
Looks like that will be our first expense outside of the windows.

We are still at $15 total spent so far!

We got the rest of the roof up.

Then filled in the sides


We got he rest of the floor down


This is the remaining wall we need to fill in, and where the nesting boxes will be. These nesting boxes will hopefully be replaced with something a little nicer looking soon =)

We have three boxes for 7 girls, and i know they don't care what they look like, so they will do for now.


and here is the roll of vinyl flooring i got for free to put on the floor inside.


we just need to finish the doors, the run and paint!!
we are getting closer!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pallet Chicken Coop

We are in the process of making our chicken coop. If you have ever looked at prices of chicken coops they are expen$ive ! !
Like upwards of 300-700 bucks!
uhm no thank you.

So we must build.

The goal: $50 bucks or less.
The Material: Pallets and free plywood

Here is a pic of their temporary coop.
This is a shed that I got for free off KSL. After the coop is done, this will be refinished to match our house, and we will use it as a shed.
Can't beat free!!


There is a car dealership near our house that is continually trying to get rid of large sized pallets. They were perfect for the framing of our coop:


It doesn't look like much yet, but you better believe I have a vision!!

Here are a few pics of the progress so far!


I found perfect windows at the second hand store for $5bucks each, you can see them above.
We framed the whole thing out using 5 pallets and 2 for the floor. They were about 2-3 the size of normal pallets so they are pretty tall turned on their side which makes the coop over 6 ft tall.


This is the front wall. we cut out a little door for them. We plan on putting a drop door on a pulley here. Outside their little door is where their run will be. The other larger open area is the frame of the people door so we can get in to clean the coop.


This is the outside of the front wall where their run will be.


This is the back of the coop. The part sticking out is where the nesting boxes will be. This is actually an old rabbit hutch that my husbands uncle gave to us for free. Underneath that will be closed off at the end of the wall. Here we have the windows installed and the flat part of the roof. The rest of the roof will be slanted down towards the nesting boxes.


This is the floor framed out with pallets. We used 2 for the floor and will cover that with plywood then vinyl flooring for easy cleaning.
I got a small roll of free vinyl from Courtney. She works in the flooring dept at RC Willey so she pulled some scrap for me! freefreefree!


We hinged the back of the rabbit hutch where the nesting boxes will be, for easy egg access!!


Here is a couple of our little ladies checking out their new diggs


This is the flat part of the roof. My husb was smart, he built in cross beams to make the whole thing more sturdy. That made for a couple inches of ventilation up there between the walls and the roof.
Hopefully I can find some free shingles somewhere. Any ideas?

And that is where we left off!

The whole thing is about 7 ft x 6 ft and probably 6.5 feet tall.... maybe 7 ft?

We have 7 little ladies, so that should be plenty of room for them!!

TOTAL COST SO FAR.......$15 !!!!
windows $10
yard sale plywood $5
the rest of the plywood was free from our bro in law leftover from previous projects!! Thank heavens for freeeee!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I need your input...Yes that means YOU!

I need your help.

Don't worry about my feelings, I can take it.

I made this sign for our bedroom.
Kinda like the little sayings people have in their house like..
"please excuse the mess, the kids are making memories"

It's supposed to be like that.
Buuut my brother in laws were over on Saturday and they said that it has a lot of innuendo.
Like, no time to make the bed, we are busy doing ottttthhher stuff. Get it?

That is NOT what this is supposed to suggest!
It is supposed to be cute and meaningful, saying we don't care if the bed isn't made, we would rather be making memories together. (not in the bed!)

I never would have thought that in a million years that it was suggestive, but of course the boys pointed that out and now I am self conscious about it! I don't want people thinking we don't make our bed cause we are too busy gettin busy! noooo!

So I need your opinions!! PLEASE
Do you think it is suggestive?
What do you initially think when reading/seeing it?


p.s. that's our headboard which I am in love with. I haven't really posted any pics of it yet. So here it is!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


this post will certainly not be the most popular, or well received, but i am interested in other peoples thoughts on this, and would like to share my own.
we all have our opinions and i hope that this does not offend anyone.

kids and electronics.....

i think this is a controversial subject, but is probably becoming less of one because it is becoming more common

i used to think it was so ridiculous to see 8 year olds with cell phones.
while i still think it is ridiculous, the issue is becoming worse!
constantly i am seeing kids under 5 using their parents iphones, ipads, computers.
i am baffled by this!
i don't feel like i am technically challenged in any way but these kids know how to use these items better than i do!
it is seriously sickening to me!

i don't want an iphone to stick in front of my kid to shut them up during sacrament.
i don't want an ipad to keep them occupied while i am getting things done around the house.
these things are addicting as is are for adults.
now we are sticking our kids on them?!
i can't imagine raising a child on a phone or computer and what they will need/expect in regards to electronics when they are older.

my views on electronics has changed dramatically in the last couple of years.
it started with cable tv.
then cell phone.
i am to the point that i can live without it all
we don't have cable. we don't have internet. we have a cell phone for calls and texts only.
we use the internet at the library when we need it
we are surviving, and we have time to get things done!

again, as technology increases in availability and convenience, this opinion is wildly unpopular.
i am ok with that.

don't get me wrong......i KNOW that theses can all be used for such great things with kids.
for example my sweet little nephew has some sensory 'delays' and these things are great for helping out with that. that is just one example so i know they are there.

i'm just baffled by the use of these electronics by small kids.
i have seen it become an expectation.
kids see their parents with the phone and they start screaming for it!

i'm sure these are good for learning and even coordination, stuff like that. there are definitely benefits. but sticking a phone in front of a kid to keep them quiet or occupied when they don't really know what they are doing to begin with, just pushing buttons or swiping the screen, that's where my frustration comes in.

what are your thoughts?
i'm open to them all
(and am prepared for most to be opposing to mine...which is just fine!)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Recipe: Pizza Dough

Another Norton Household fav:
This is a delish recipe that we use alot for pizza dough.
I got this recipe from a website called Annies-Eats.com
I usually make a couple batches and freeze it all until we are ready to use it.
{I’ve made some of my own notes in red}

Basic Pizza Dough
½ cup warm water
2 ¼ tsp instant yeast
4 cups (22oz) bread flour, plus more for dusting
1 ½ tsp salt
1 ¼ cup water, at room temp
2 tbs extra virgin olive oil

Measure the warm water into a 2-cup liquid measuring cup. Sprinkle the yeast over the top. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, combine the bread flour and salt, mixing briefly to blend. (I don’t have a stand mixer just yet, so I use my hand mixer. Works out just fine). Measure the room temperature water into the measuring cup with the yeast-water mixture. With the mixer on low speed, pour in the yeast-water mixture as well as the olive oil. Mix until a cohesive dough is formed. Switch to the dough hook. Knead on low speed until smooth and elastic, about 5 minutes. Transfer to a lightly oiled bowl, turning once to coat. Cover with plastic wrap and let rise until doubled in size, 1 ½-2 hours.
Press down the dough to deflate it. Transfer the dough to a lightly floured work surface. Divide the dough into two equal pieces. Form each piece of dough unto a smooth round ball. (If freezing the dough, wrap each ball in tightly sealed plastic wrap then place in freezer bag and freeze at this point). Cover with a damp cloth. Let the dough relax for at least 10 minutes but no longer than 30 minutes.

To bake, preheat the oven and pizza stone to 500 degrees for at least 30 minutes. (we don’t have a pizza oven or stone, darn it. But a pizza pan works just fine!) Transfer the dough to your shaping surface, lightly sprinkle with corn meal. Shape the dough with lightly floured hands. Brush the outer edge lightly with olive oil. Top as desired. Bake until crust is golden brown, and cheese is bubbling, 8-12 minutes.

** If you froze it, just take it out of the freezer in the morning and place in refrigerator the day you plan to use it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

the ugly truth

birth control:
not only does it control birth it also controls you.

a couple weeks before i got married i started birth control.
i had no previous experience with it before so i didn't know what to expect other than the possible weight gain.
that was the only thing i really heard about as a possible side affect.

i only wish i had known that i would have the side effects that i ended up having.

after we got married i started noticing changes in my moods, in my demeanor, in my attitudes, in my over all personality.
i was short with my sweet new husband.
in arguments i would storm out. (which i have never done before ever)
i would start arguments out of sheer frustration over the smallest things.
i was a big B word for the first two months of our marriage. to put it lightly
i had no idea where this was coming from.
i didn't feel like myself.
i cried myself to sleep multiple times a week.
i started questioning my position in my marriage and if i could even handle marriage.

this was all shocking and very painful to experience.
i started feeling depressed (which is a word i hate and avoid using)
but here i was really starting to feel that.

i chalked this jumble of emotion up as
having a hard time to adjusting to marriage.
which didn't feel right because i have never had a hard time adjusting to anything.
i adapt to things and situations in life very easy.
but for some reason this wasn't so easy.

all the while i had the most understanding husband.
he was so caring and sweet and when i would burst into tears for no reason he was there to hug me.
he would say " it's ok i understand people need a good cry every now and then"
he was understanding even when i didn't understand what was going on with me.

i felt isolated and felt alone even with an amazing husband by my side. and was worried about the person i was becoming and why this was happening.

one day on a blog post i mentioned something to the effect that i was having mood swings and that i was having a hard time adjusting to marriage.

someone commented on my blog and said are you on birth control? maybe that's the problem.

immediately a light went off.
that HAD to be it, i thought.
so i started doing some research.
i was quickly astonished and relieved when i found forum after forum about birth control that had women talking about and saying the exact same things i had been feeling and experiencing.
i suddenly didn't feel isolated or alone.
i had an answer and a reason to this madness.

i immediately called my doctor, who couldn't see me for another MONTH!
so i'd have to wait.

but i couldn't wait. i was so sick of the way i was feeling, that i decided to stop using my birth control.
not to have babies, but to start to feel normal again, i couldn't wait until i saw my dr.

the change was literally like night and day. once my hormones balanced back out, i was back. i felt like i could breath again. i felt like a huge cloud had been lifted.
i was happy again.
the only problem was, now i was not on any birth control, and i felt like i had lost the first two months of my marriage.
sad, but true.
i felt like our marriage started off on a bitter note because of the way i was feeling.
but things definitely turned around.

i went and saw the dr and she told me that it was more than likely the estrogen that was making me feel crazy.
she recommended an estrogen free method which was either an IUD or what is called Implanon, which is placed in your arm under the skin.

I opted for the latter and now have a small rod in my arm that acts as birth control.

There are still similar side effects, and i have started having slight mood swings, after being on it for a couple weeks, but NOTHING like what it was before. hopefully it stays that way.

i hope that this is the method for me, and that it works for my body and my hormones.
it's the last thing to try to if it doesn't work, then i guess its time to start having babies!
which is a whole new bundle of crazy hormone problems that i don't think we are quite ready to experience.

Monday, August 29, 2011

your wedding day...

you know, the day when all your dreams come true.
all eyes are on you
you have just married the man you will spend forever with
everything goes perfectly.
your friends and close family surround you with love and support.
you have a photographer there taking pictures to catch these special moments that you will cherish forever.
moments that you will show your kids and grandkids.
moments that you will never get back. you will never relive, except through these beautiful pictures.

once your wedding day is over you immediately start looking forward to getting your pictures back.
you display them proudly in your home.
you post them on face book, on your blog, you send them to your mom.
you look at them over and over again, remembering your perfect day.
generations will see these pictures.

if you're married, you know what i'm talking about.
and if you are married you might be able to understand the devestation and horror of having your photographer call you to tell you that he has lost your wedding pictures.
they are gone.

thats what just happened to me.

my worst nightmare has come to fruition.

why me?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


before we got married i asked for some marriage advice.
i got lot's of great feedback via blog comments, facebook and email.
so i want to share it with all of you.
you/i may not agree with all of it, but there is some really good stuff in here so enjoy.
I am keeping these anonymous btw

i loved receiveing ALL of this advice. it really meant alot to hear from my close friends, family and loved ones who have been here before. it really gives me comfort to read this over and over and i will always cherish these words. thanks everybody
i have highlighed a few of the things that have stuck out to me in red and have added some of my own at the end in blue.


Hey saw your blog post and thought I'd share _____ and I's 2 cents.
Yes, marriage is hard. Everybody knows this. What everybody doesn't tell you is that you're going to fight. Sometimes alot. But that it's okay. Your marriage isn't doomed if you fight. Most of the time we go to bed angry when we fight lol. The important thing for _____ and I is how we move on and deal with the things that we fought about. Most of the time we just let it go. Other times we fight it out.

Another thing is that there will always be something that the other person does that irritates you. Lots of little things. They always will. Never changes.

Also, its good to have alone time sometimes. It's okay. It doesn't mean you hate your spouse. Just something people need.


Always always have time to go on dates before you have kids, i sure miss that alot with kids and school, yeah i wish i waited to have them but i don't regret it. get to know him before you rush into having kids (unless it's the lords will and of course your choice) i am sure people tell you that always go on dates even if it's a walk at the park.

don't be afraid to show your love to eachother in public, who cares who is watching you make it fun.

tell him how you feel when he makes you sad it's okay to express your feelings wether it will hurts his feelings, guys will never understand us women, but it's important talking it out, and you can always fight, argue, talking NAKED it will be solved quickly! :) don't asume something if you do and he gets home from work and your mad and he doesn't know what he has done there will be a fight. just tel him i feel this way, try not to point and say YOU, always try to talk with saying I. make sense? lol

always take turns to visit his family and your family, there might be times where youdon't want to see his family but go with him anyways. you have to share both sides.

always say i love you, write little notes and put them in his pockets, lunches, hid them to suprise him. we used to do that all the time and i LOVED IT.

i am all ears if you need adivce, i've learned alot in 7 years there are alot of things i wish i changed when we were first married but you learn as you grow together. it's not that bad like people say, you will have so much fun.

I have been married twice and I think that the most valuable thing I learned is to trust myself and my feelings. I used to cry myself to sleep several nights a week and I thought that this was normal and that marriage was just hard but it felt wrong. Now I know that is not a true marriage. Marriage can be fun and reassuring. It is not always a love fest or a party but even days when I'm bugged with my husband I am comforted by the fact that we have each other to face the world with. I haven't cried myself to sleep one time since I've been married this time and now I can't believe I thought that that was normal! Even people who meant well were telling me that it was and that you go through "tough times" in marriages and to stick it out. I don't think you ever will be in that boat but if you find yourself in that situation I'd say go ahead and get out. Life is too short to be that miserable all of the time.
I have also learned to ask clearly for what I want. For example, instead of sighing and saying "I guess I'll go to the store to get stuff to make dinner" I'll just tell him what I want, why I want it, and ask him to do it and nine times out of ten he will do it. So I'd say, "Honey I had a long day at work and I would appreciate it if you would go to the store and pick this up, would you do that for me?" Trust me, this works SOOOOO much better.
Also I have learned to talk about things while they are small so that they don't turn into big things. My husband and I joke about how we talk so much about the little things that bug us but that way they don't get bigger. We've even had discussion about the lid on the dish soap.

These are my top three advices( is that even a word? :-) ) for marriage. Good luck! I am sure that it will have it's ups and downs but more ups than downs and you'll love it!

Sometimes _____ and I think it IS ACTUALLY BETTER to go to bed angry!! Sometimes it's not even worth fighting about, and when you wake up, things are forgotten, and fresh and you didn't spend half the night hashing out something silly that just needed time to blow over. Sometimes a nights sleep gives you better understanding and perspective, if you ask me! :)
Im not married haha but my old young adult leaders in my homeward said some of their favorite advice someone gave them once was that no matter how mad you are at each other, no one is allowed to sleep on the couch or the floor!
Fight naked. Not kidding, its nearly impossible to keep fighting because you are laughing. Tmi? Maybe, but it works! 
My advice is to always read scriptures and pray together EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'm sure you've been told that one a few times but it is a good one and it is amazing the difference you feel when you do:)

Also, don't get mad at him if he is not doing something the way you would do it (like cleaning, cooking, and parenting). And just remember that it is a choice to be happy and to love your spouse. It is not spontaneous all the time, you have to choose it again and again and again...

And ps.
I gained 25lbs in my 1st year of marriage...ha!


I know I haven't been married that long but ill give you some....:)

_____and I are both stubborn sometimes. ..so if you Are that way you need to just let go of some things...

Also I would just say its not a competition and also surprise him whether it be by somethjng you plan, purchase or wear: ) you'll love being married!!

Sometimes you just need to let it go. That is so hard for me I am stubborn and emotional but sometimes you need to just let go of the stupid things. And you do sometimes need to go to bed angry and let things cool. Just be happy he is cleaning and if you don't like how he did it either redo when he isn't looking or say I really appreciate you doing that next time maybe do this.... but don't get mad or nag because then he will stop. Keep up with your friends and go out every once in awhile for yourself so you won't resent him when he does. COMPROMISE but don't be the only one comprimising.


Know who you marry, having my "starter husband" helped me figure that one out fast;) but really, you will be at fault sometimes too. When you fight hold your tongue so you dont say something mean (cause you WILL fight) its not a competition, and your on the same team. take a vacation together at least once a year. Even if its camping or a quick weekend in st george, esp after the kiddos arrive. Its amazing what alone time can do when your out of your normal routine. You started off as friends and became lovers so remember that he's your best friend and try to treat him he way you treat a bedt friend, daily life can wear you down and youve got to keep it real.

Take lots of pictures. Start your own traditions.

Love you!

When we first got married we had what we call "friday night fights" for some reason we would fight almost every friday night, they were all stupid and only lasted a few months, I used to get upset a lot easier then I do now. It is normal to argue, I think it's healthier to get some things out in the open and learn about each other and what upsets one another so you can work on it and avoide future problems. There are still things that annoy me at times, but we get though it. Yes marriage can be hard but I would never give it up, the good times far out wiegh the bad, even when I'm so upset and just fumming I still know I love him more then anything. I agree to read scriptures and praying together daily it really stregthens your marriage and brings you closer together. Serve each other it makes them feel loved and makes your love for them stronger as well. it's a choice to love him, keep choosing that again and again. Try not to be selfish that's when problems start to arise, that is easier said then done but it's the truth. Honestly though marriage is the best and you will love it even through all the ups and downs, it's the hard times that make you stronger.
I agree that sometimes it's better to go to bed angry. Also, when you're fighting, don't walk away from each other, that's our biggest issue. We both do it, and it both makes the other one WAY angrier. Ha ha. And try not to let the little things get to you, socks on the floor, stuff like that. Most fights are over something stupid, and you need to learn how to pick your battles. Also, read the five love languages. I love that book! But really, marriage is amazing for the most part, try and enjoy it because it's hard when he's out of town for some reason and you realize you don't appreciate him as much as you should. :) Good luck and congrats!
I am glad that everyone has agreed that sometimes it is better to go to bed angry. Really whoever came up with that gave the worst advice ever.
My advice to you would be this: don't share too many details with too many people. This applies to a couple of things, 1st don't share details of the bedroom. What happens in there is personal and sacred. When we were first married we had couple friends that were always talking about that stuff and I always felt I would be embarrassed if ____ ever did that and it might make me self conscious. We also had a member of the stake come talk to our married ward about it so it must be a problem.

2nd, one time when _____ and I had a fight I called my mom and told her all the details because I was upset. This was a bad move because I think it made her like _____ less. He said some things in the heat of the moment that he regrets and didn't really mean. I know that, but others will always be less quick to forgive them because they are protective of you.

And most of all just remember that you are in it for the long hall which means learning to fight fair, not being overly dramatic, and not being too proud to be the one who says I'm sorry.
Be selfless and considerate. If you are going to get yourself a glass of water, be considerate of your spouse and ask if they'd like one too, every time.
Remember everyone has their quirks. My husband has ocd about washing our hands before touching electronics. I think it's weird but I comply because I know it's important to him.

Most of all, if you know now that he is "the one" now, know he's the one later. In other words the best way to avoid wondering if you married the right one, is by not. Just don't do it. Remember the answer you got when you prayed and don't doubt it.
Oh and of course monthly temple attendance and keep your lives centered around the gospel.

so far, being married has been great. it has definitely had its ups and downs (already). based on my 3 week experience of marriage, here is my advice and things to realize:
don't pick out the things he ISN'T doing, pick out the things he IS doing. (this one has been hard for me at times, sadly. but I am making it a point to do this)
romance doesn't just happen. you have to create it
know that you will fight (and maybe alot) but that is normal
know that being married WILL be an adjusment for at least one of you if not both. (I didn't think that it would be that big of an adjustment, but it has been for me)
try to continue doing the things that helped you fall in love with eachother. (laughing, cuddling, making out, compliments, dates) just becuase you are married doesn't mean those things need/should to stop
be sure to speak eachothers love language, and if you or he is lacking at doing so, STRIVE to change that. it will do wonders
seek eachother. alone time is always good, but when you dont have that alone time anymore (church, callings, family, school etc.) still SEEK eachother. when you are in a large group, find him and make sure he/she knows that although you're in a big group and may have other priorities or thoughts going on, he/she is still in your mind.
As far as sex goes:
I have read alot about this in some great LDS books and have had some realizations that I think are important for people to know.
one thing that has stuck with me is that men need sex. like women need love and nurturing and emotional connection, men physiologically need sex. i may not always want it, but he will and more than just wanting it, they need it. I think it is important to keep that in mind. Not only is it a bonding, growing experience, but they need it. So the times when i may not 'be in the mood' i remember this. and think, well he might not always be in the mood to emotionally connect with me or whatever. Its give and take to fulfill eachothers needs. So give....and take!
TMI? too bad. thats what this blog has come to. I am married now and for some reason feel like I can say whatever I want in cyber space. cause i can. cause i'm real. and casue i'm going through real things that lot's of other people have and are going through as well! and because it is impowering to me when i read about people going through the sames things i am or having the same thoughts i am or the same questions. so that's what I am doing.
I am not afraid to be real and put it out there. if you don't like it, you can stop reading =) but I hope you don't
lastly, and this is for the singles, who are or will be getting married, ever.
we were engaged 2 months and I couldn't have waited any longer.
Lastly, here are just a few words that I feel are very important in a marriage:
  • willingness
  • strive
  • adjust
  • selfless
  • joint/ONE
  • encouragement
  • seek

whew! this is a really long post!
but well worth the read in my opinion!