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Thursday, May 23, 2013

new chicken digs

Since we recently moved, we had to get a new coop for the chickens. Rather than building it this time (which we would have preferred but didn't have the time since our house sold so fast) we bought one. I found a guy on KSL who makes them so we just bought a pre made one. Much more expensive but more convenient with our current sitch.

My dad painted it (I still need to do the trim white) and we need to add shingles to it
 (which we got for free from my dads neighbor who just re-roofed)
The coop came with a run that attaches to it, but it was so small that I made a bigger run for them with wire fencing and separated the run that came with it.
Now they have three separate spaces! It is much roomier for them now and they have more digging space.

I think they are much happier now. We had one that was getting picked on (it was really sad), to the point of blood, and since they have more space now I haven't noticed any more issues with that.

The little doors are slats that you can open to collect eggs. They are more for little kiddos to use, and the top part of the roof above those lifts up for easier egg access. 

This is the end where the included run was attached but as you can see I moved it to the side.
It's nice cause now they have a covered small outdoor space and an uncovered one. We keep the food and water in the covered run. Maybe if it gets too hot we will move the water into the coop but for now this seems to work. 

This is the run I added. I used metal fencing and Metal posts. It's about 10' long by 6' wide. 
It added some much needed space for them.

There are three nesting boxes inside and a roosting bar for them at night. Its funny cause only 6 of the 7 fit on the bar so one is always left out. aww.

Our weirdo chickens decide to lay their eggs UNDER the nesting boxes where its a little smaller and harder to collect the eggs lol. They have slowly been getting better about using thier nesting boxes thought. Chickens are soo funny. and weird. ha!
 And here are a few pics of them.
The pic on the left is brock petting one of our white leghorns. We have 2 of them and they were given to us last summer. They were just about a year old so it took some adjustment for them. When we got them they weren't in the best of shape. All their neck feathers had been plucked out by other chickens they were living with, I guess their living conditions weren't the best before us. They started growing their feathers back and seem to be happy with our chickens. They are really skiddish with us though. Our other 5 chickens that we raised from chicks are not, so obviously the people who raised the white ones didn't interact with them at all.

Thats why I took this pic of Brock cause they have never let either one of us get this close let alone pet them!
Brock must have the magical chicken touch ;)

We love our little chickens, and love the eggs the provide us!
They are so much fun!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkins and chickens

brock made a quick stop on his way home on friday for two things.
he showed up at home with roses for his wifey and pumpkins.
he is the cutest.
the pumpkins he picked out were down right perfect. one even had the little curly cue stem!
and in attempts to get some artsy fartsy pumpkin pics, a chicken photo bomb...
and since they are so cute, more chicken pics.
...yes. chickens can be cute.


Friday, July 13, 2012

you can call me the (crazy) chicken lady...

i realize i post about birds alot....
chickens, eggs, peacocks, 
but that's what happens in our lives!

this isn't the only place i do this....
luckily there is somewhere that people understand my chicken love...

i have a forum on backyardchickens.com
yes there is such a thing, and if you ever get chickens (and i think you should) you will definitely want to join this site. 
it has been very helpful for us in raising chickens for the first time.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


 brock and I started a video blog.
our youtube channel is 

you can click that link above and it will take you there.

i have to be honest, until a couple months ago i probably used youtube twice in my life, 
but have come to find it is pretty useful and you can learn alot.

brock has yet to do a vid, but he will be sure enough.

alot of what i will be putting on my 'vlog' will probably be here, only in written form with pics. 
if you have a youtube account then go subscribe to our channel for updated vids =)

i think my next vlog vid will be my yard sale score from last weekend...
stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

bloggin buddy

the other night i decided to go outside and blog. 
it cooled off quite a bit after 8:30 so i let the chickens out and sat in my chair out back.

before i knew it i had a chicken on my lap!
actaully on my laptop..which was on my lap.

i guess she just wanted to see what i was doin!
(don't worry, i washed my keyboard after this!)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The peacocks are back

the peacocks showed up again in our back yard. here are the vids i took the first time they came through our back yard
i actually found out why there are peacocks in our neighborhood, so here is the story..

a couple weeks ago we had some friends over from our ward for a game night. i had told them about how the peacocks came into our back yard and one of the couples told us how the peacocks were actually raised in the house that they bought. i guess the lady that lived there before raised them in her back yard, and when she died her kids just let them all out, so now they just rome the neighborhood. 
kinda random.
i guess there is a lady a couple blocks down that feeds them sometimes. 

anyways they showed up the other day again and i was able to get some better pics of them so i thought i would post them here. 
i just think these things are so cool and fascinating. 
also brock found a peacock feather in our back yard which has become a part of my bedroom decor...

it is hard to see in that last pic, but its there and i love it!

Pallet Chicken Coop Update!!


Here is update #1
and update #2

we finally got back to working on the coop this weekend. a couple friends came over to help us out in the scorching heat. so nice.

we put walls up inside and worked on the drop door. 
we also got some of the linoleum down but we did not have enough so we need to get the rest of it.

we had to buy the plywood that we put inside so our budget of $50 got met this weekend, so paint will put us over our goal, but I think we did pretty good. we just need to get the rest of the linoleum down then we will paint it and get the run done!

we need to get them to their new home so they have a proper place to lay!!

Here is their little chicken door


The people door! We need to put a nice handle on it.

IMG_2769 - Copy.JPG

The linoleum on the floor. We ran out so are waiting for more.

We put walls waist high inside



This is the pulley drop door. We are still working out the kinks to this. We want to be able to pull it and lower it form outside so the rope will lead outside.

Next Up: Paint!!

We hit our budget of $50.00 exactly. The only thing we have left to buy is paint so that will put us a little over our original goal, but we are happy with what we have been able to make for so little cost!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Look what we came home to today.....

our first eggs!!!!

we aren't sure whose they are but here are some pics of our little ladies

never thought we would be so excited over eggs!! =)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

peacocks in the backyard!!

i had quiet the eventful morning today. 
normally i wake up sometime after brock gets out of the shower. We read scriptures and pray before we leave for work. well this morning i didn't wake up, and for some reason brock didn't wake me up. (which i secretly loved), so i got a little sleep in sesh.
but then i was woken by an in-human awkwardly LOUD noise. 
i jolted up and sat in bed trying to figure out what i had just heard. i was still half asleep so i wondered if i had just dreamt it cause i didn't hear it again. 
after a quick inspection of the house, 
i went and used the bathroom and then i heard it again. 
so i walked towards the back yard and here is what i saw!!

first: two white peacocks.
here is a vid

then i heard one over in the neighbors yard, this time it was one of the colorful ones!

then it headed over to our yard.....i was a bit nervous with the chickens back there but it minded it's own business.

this next vid gets a closer look since it came over to our yard.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

pallet chicken coop update

This weekend we finished the majority of the walls and roof. 
We have one more small wall under the nesting boxes to fill in, but we ran out of plywood. 
Looks like that will be our first expense outside of the windows.

We are still at $15 total spent so far!

We got the rest of the roof up.

Then filled in the sides


We got he rest of the floor down


This is the remaining wall we need to fill in, and where the nesting boxes will be. These nesting boxes will hopefully be replaced with something a little nicer looking soon =)

We have three boxes for 7 girls, and i know they don't care what they look like, so they will do for now.


and here is the roll of vinyl flooring i got for free to put on the floor inside.


we just need to finish the doors, the run and paint!!
we are getting closer!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pallet Chicken Coop

We are in the process of making our chicken coop. If you have ever looked at prices of chicken coops they are expen$ive ! !
Like upwards of 300-700 bucks!
uhm no thank you.

So we must build.

The goal: $50 bucks or less.
The Material: Pallets and free plywood 

Here is a pic of their temporary coop. 
This is a shed that I got for free off KSL. After the coop is done, this will be refinished to match our house, and we will use it as a shed.
Can't beat free!!


There is a car dealership near our house that is continually trying to get rid of large sized pallets. They were perfect for the framing of our coop:


It doesn't look like much yet, but you better believe I have a vision!!

Here are a few pics of the progress so far!


I found perfect windows at the second hand store for $5bucks each, you can see them above. 
We framed the whole thing out using 5 pallets and 2 for the floor. They were about 2-3 the size of normal pallets so they are pretty tall turned on their side which makes the coop over 6 ft tall. 


This is the front wall. we cut out a little door for them. We plan on putting a drop door on a pulley here. Outside their little door is where their run will be. The other larger open area is the frame of the people door so we can get in to clean the coop. 


This is the outside of the front wall where their run will be. 


This is the back of the coop. The part sticking out is where the nesting boxes will be. This is actually an old rabbit hutch that my husbands uncle gave to us for free. Underneath that will be closed off at the end of the wall. Here we have the windows installed and the flat part of the roof. The rest of the roof will be slanted down towards the nesting boxes.


This is the floor framed out with pallets. We used 2 for the floor and will cover that with plywood then vinyl flooring for easy cleaning.
I got a small roll of free vinyl from Courtney. She works in the flooring dept at RC Willey so she pulled some scrap for me! freefreefree!


We hinged the back of the rabbit hutch where the nesting boxes will be, for easy egg access!!


Here is a couple of our little ladies checking out their new diggs


This is the flat part of the roof. My husb was smart, he built in cross beams to make the whole thing more sturdy. That made for a couple inches of ventilation up there between the walls and the roof. 
Hopefully I can find some free shingles somewhere. Any ideas?

And that is where we left off!

The whole thing is about 7 ft x 6 ft and probably 6.5 feet tall.... maybe 7 ft? 

We have 7 little ladies, so that should be plenty of room for them!!

TOTAL COST SO FAR.......$15 !!!!
windows $10
yard sale plywood $5
the rest of the plywood was free from our bro in law leftover from previous projects!! Thank heavens for freeeee!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Guess what we are bringing home.....

6 baby chicks!!
Including..... a SILKIE!!!
I am sooooo excited.
They are the cutest sweetest littles

Monday, January 30, 2012

Goats and Silkies

As Brock got into bed tonight this is what our nightly discussion included:

Me telling Brock that I want a silkie chicken
 (since we are planning on getting chickens...this is the kind I want). 
I then proceeded to show him what they look like online. 
I'm in love. And I think he is too even though he won't admit it.

Then goats came up in the discussion 
(not cause we want to get goats. they just happen to come up in our convo) 
and Brock told me: 
"Goats have scary eyes. Google it."

It was THE most random thing I think I have ever heard him say! 
Needless to say, it made me laugh. A lot!

And he was right!
Google goat eyes. They are kinda scary.

And while you are at it, Google "silkie chickens"
 They are by far the cutest things I have ever seen!
I need to figure out how where to get mine!
Our (free!)chicken coop is in our back yard chicken-less.
We need to start filling it!

It's a soft white puff with a beak.

p.s. we now have internet =( ...... long story short: there was a pervert at the library and now I don't want to go back. and with allll online classes, internet is a short term necessity. I'm hating it already. (Except for being able to google goat eyes while I'm in be with my husb. Oh and being able to blog in the comfort of my bed.)

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