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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015 Recap!

According to my camera roll, March was pretty uneventful. 
Since I am doing these 2015 recaps late, aka in early 2016, at this point I don't remember much of what happened unless there are pics on my camera! This is why I need to remember the importance of keeping up on these things and not wait until a year later to blog! 

The one thing I do remember, about the month of March, (and April) is that I spend  COUNTLESS HOURS making these alphabet letters that I sold on a few flash sale sites. I made some good money, but in the end, after all the time I (and Renee, and Sadie, and Amber! BLESS them for their help, I never would have made them all without them) spent making them, it just wasn't worth it because it was so stressful. I did procrastinate the heck out of making them, so I was under a very small timeline to get them shipped and that is what caused all the stress. I wish I would have handled that situation much differently! But they all got made and shipped and I never want to make another alphabet letter again! I can barely even look at them without cringing at the memory of all that work and stress!
But they are at least cute!
It was of course my bday month. 31! Brock made me this yummy Oreo custard dessert thingy.

Spring decided to show itself outside my kitchen window, and it smelled amazing!

London learned some cool new tricks!

She also started doing this all the time with her cute chubby little fingers! So funny!

We met daddy for a lunch date in the car!

Sophie turned ONE!!

We got a special visit from Stacie and Grayson!

Brock had his Demo Night for Dev Mountain at Adobe, where his project was featured on the big screen! I was pretty proud when I saw it come up, and unfortunately I was in the back taking care of London and didn't get any pics or vids of it.
We hit up our fav Cubby's with Mimi while Brock finished up.

And some random silliness =)

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