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Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015 Recap!

February seemed to be the month where London grew into a little toddler! I found myself taking pics of here doing random normal things, but trying to capture just how big and cute she was! 
That's pretty much what this post will be filled with lol.

Lots of walks with this one. I should have started keeping track of the miles the two of us have logged on this stroller since she was born! That would be interesting to know! 
All I know is, its A LOT!

I made this entry table for like $20 bucks that I really love!!
(it was fun to decorate it for Vday with some felt hearts I made 
and of course my obsession, felt balls!)

My loves waiting for our Valentines day dinner at the one and only Olive Garden, of course!

Mommy's little grocery shopping buddy

The many faces of London Lou 

Dinner time snugs

Lot's of playtime!

This girl loves to play with my hair while she eats! So sweet! 
She has always loved my hair for some reason!

And sometimes, when I am in the area, I take a pic of this =) 
Right where our love story began! In my little apartment on B street in the aves!
Awwww =)

Our regular pastime: Target of course.
She loves to try on the sunglasses
and check herself out in the mirror!

Some days are harder than others. That's when the above mentioned pastime comes in useful!

Daddy daughter dance parties. They're a hit

And, I like to document my hair length. Cause I'm weird,

Visits with tiny baby Thomas!

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