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Friday, July 31, 2015

July 2015 Recap!

July, by far my favorite month of the year!
The Holidays (4th, and 24th)!
Our anniversary!
Parades, bbq's, family time, fireworks, summer, sun, pool, it's all just the BEST!!

Here is a glimpse of our July. 

We celebrated our anniversary a week early, Mimi came and watched London for the night and we went to dinner at Olive Garden, of course and then Dallas and Kirsti met us at The Melting Pot (which was a surprise to me) for dessert. Sadly I didn't even get any pictures of us! We then headed to the Marriott for the night!
Brock had another little surprise sent up to our room. =)
The next day he had planned on us going to the batting cages, something we have both been wanting to do, but the boondocks near us didn't have them. Plan B was to go to seven peaks, which is another thing we have been wanting to do, but I did some googling and read that it isn't the best idea to go on water slides while pregnant so we opted for going to the temple 

Then on our actual anniversary I had to have oral surgery on a tooth that a previous dentist had worked on. The previous dentist actually left the tip of a tool up there when he did my root canal. YIKES. So that had to be removed. NOT FUN. 
I couldn't resist taking a swollen face picture at the dentists office afterwards. As completely embarrassing, non flattering and ridiculous as this pic is, I can't NOT post it lol!

And just for my own shame sake, here is a somewhat normal redemption picture! 
(except for the fact that my stupid camera has an automatic "beauty filter" that I always forget to turn off BEFORE I take my pics. how annoying.)

Ok, enough ashlee selfies,

The rest of the month looked like this:


Eating her "apples" (avocados lol)


In true Sophie form, always on the GO!

One day London and I NEEDED to just get out of the house. We knew daddy was going to be a little late from work so we headed out in the rain to the Temple. While we were there we did London's first GeoCache! There is one right across the street from the temple! If you look at the picture below SUPER close, you can see the Angel Moroni and the GeoCache in the pic! We wandered around and enjoyed having the grounds practically all to ourselves! 

Stopping to smell the "fows"


And I barely got in one semi-decent pic of the two of us: 

The rest, turned out something like this:

Doin' work....

Feeding the ducks at daddy's work

That little body just kills me!!

Brock landed his first freelance web design gig!! 

We went to the Bountiful Handcart days carnival and parade!! MY FAV!

It took London a minute to warm up to the idea of cotton candy. go figure, But once she did she of course loved it!

When you've seen one parade, you've seen them all, But watching your baby dance and wave, and experience the parade you grew up loving, is pure magic.

And here are a few more randoms from the month

One Saturday morning Brock had a conference call so London and I headed to the most logical place one would spend a Saturday morning

Daddy Daughter Dance Parties =)

9 0'clock Church got me like:

She found one of my workout headbands and her sunglasses and ROCKED it =)

And there it is! July! 

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