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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Baby #2 Pregnancy Update 34 Weeks!!

     Well it has been 16 weeks since I last blogged/did a baby update so here I am.
One of my goals entering into this new year is to blog at least once a month. I am hoping to do way more than that cause I would really like to get somewhat updated on here, but I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself, so one per month it is! (I will scatter in a few baby bump pics throughout this post)

20 Weeks!

     I really should have done this update at 28 weeks, when I was still loving being pregnant, and everything was going so well! That's not quite the case now lol. 

     I am currently 34 weeks and 3 days. Once 30 weeks hit, things started to change a bit. I became super uncomfortable, pretty much no matter what i do. Sleeping sucks, I can't to much during the day, otherwise by the time evening comes, I can barely move because my back hurts so bad. That makes it really hard to get much done. Maybe one errand and that's it. When i push myself, which i usually do, i end up paying for it later.

24 weeks!!

     I really do love being pregnant, but the end of this pregnancy has been a lot more uncomfortable than my first. 
I have experienced some really painful discomfort in my pubic bone, which is new to me this time around. All around I am just much more uncomfortable. BUT....
I have  a healthy little baby growing inside me! As long as that is the case, this is all worth it

     Here are some more updates:

Weight gain: up until 28 weeks I was up like 5 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight thanks to working out with my trainer, And then we moved, and I had to quit with my trainer and now my total weight gain is around 23 lbs. I REALLY want to stay under what I gained with London which was 40, but I am slowly creeping up there. I guess I will be happy just as long as I don't go over that. 

Cravings: I have been craving fry sauce like crazy. I get fries with fry sauce every chance i get! I have also been craving mashed potatoes and gravy and corn. I can't even count how many bowls of that stuff I have had. And they aren't small bowls either! I just can't get enough! During the holidays I also ate a lot of celery with the squeeze cheese. I know, totally appetizing right?!

Names: We are super undecided on names. Brock now isn't totally set on Wesley for a boy because it reminds him of someone he knows. I am second guessing Evie, which is a name I mentioned liking in my last post. One we have added to the list of boy names is Dallas. I also heard a couple names yesterday I kinda liked for a girl, one was Tate, and the other was Hollis. The only problem with Hollis is it made me think of Hollister, which is annoying. Anyways I feel like our child is just going to remain nameless lol. 

Birth Center/Plan: Well since we have moved since my last post this has changed a little. We are now in North Salt Lake, so I can have the baby at the Salt Lake center!! I am soooo happy about that. They also have opened up a few other locations so the midwives don't rotate through each facility like they used to. There are now 3 midwives at my location that will stay at that location, which means that I wont get the midwife that I don't really like. (There is one there that I am not a fan of, and now I wont have to worry about her being at my birth!)
28 weeks!
Don't mind the mess from moving behind me, and we can thank London for the nasty mirror that needs to be washed!

     Other things of note:

I had my Gestational diabetes test done and that went well so that is good!
At my next appointment I will have my GBS test done, which will be interesting because with London I tested positive for Group G (not B) which is really rare,, the midwives hadn't even heard of it! I'm anxious to see what I test this time around!

I have started letting a little bit of anxiety creep in about giving birth, which I need to nix completely, but I know what to expect this time around, so it makes me a little nervous. With London, I prepared myself for MONTHS before she came, for a natural birth and it went perfectly. I just hope that it will happen that way this time around. 
I haven't been preparing myself this time around like I should be and really need to start working on my hypno babies tools!

    I guess that's all for now! If I remember anything else I will add it to the next update! Only 6 more weeks to go!!

32 weeks!!