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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Postpartum (Day 11)

I realize people do not want to read about my postpartum schtuff, or anything else that I blog about for that matter, but these are things that I want to remember, so to the blog they go. I guess I could be better at personal journaling but, I am not, so the blog it is.

So warning, there may be a little TMI, but I have no shame, its all part of the postpartum experience! Also, I dont want to sound like a total downer, but these are the feelings and things that I am experiencing and don't want to sugar coat anything because these are the thoughts and feelings that I want to remember in the future when I look back on all my experiences. 

Today is day 11 postpartum. I am feeling pretty good! Tired, but good! My bleeding has stopped, since day 7 there were a few spotting incidents but I think I am pretty much past that part of things, thank goodness. I feel like I am healing pretty well. I used the postpartum spray that I made for the first week and a half or so and the padcicles as well. The one thing I did this time around was let three at a time sit out for several hours before using them, because it was just a little too intense for me personally, but once they were thawed out, they were SO relieving and felt really good on those swollen areas! And Id like to think that they helped with the swelling and healing. 
I also used some Tucks medicated wipes as well as the flushable wet wipes after I was done with the peri bottle, but still apprehensive to wipe. The flushable wipes were really nice to have and I will want to remember those for next time! 

In total, I gained 40 pounds with this pregnancy (same as with London). As of day 7 I was down 20 lbs and today (day 11) I am down about 22 or 23, so I have just under half to go, which is nice but I then have a good 10-20 lbs after that that I would like to lose. We booked a cruise to Mexico for our 5 year anniversary, (our anny is in July, but with a new baby, we booked it for Nov) so I have a goal to lose a total of 50 lbs (or more) by then. I will be hiring my trainer Suzy, who I used in Provo, but since she is in Provo she will be emailing me weekly workouts starting in April. That, coupled with nursing, I am looking forward to shedding this extra weight and have a really exciting trip to motivate me! I am however feeling very self conscious about this belly blubber that you have right after having a baby! The loose skin and loose abs are not the most attractive thing, but I realize, and have to remind myself, that it comes with the territory. I am loving being able to paint my own toes again and once I choose to do so, I am sure I will love shaving my legs comfortable again lol!

We have been very grateful for the people who have come to visit, and meet baby Tate, as well as all the people who have brought meals. We had a solid week of meals brought in by family and ward members that was so nice and very helpful. We still have a freezer full of meals as well that I made while I was pregnant, so we are set for meals for awhile, which makes things easy meal wise! All we need now is someone to come and wash our dishes lol ;) 
Time to start on the thank you notes!

As far as Tate goes, she has had jaundice. Luckily not as bad as London's was, but none the less, it has stressed this mama out. She was tested 3 times, and her levels were 13, 14.6 then back down to 13. At 16 is when they send the lights home, so luckily they didn't get that high. She hasn't been pooping well, which is how they get the bili out of their system, so I will be sure to have the Dr. check her levels at her 2 week check up on Wednesday. She was pooping regularly the first few days, getting all of the meconium out, but then she went 4 days before she pooped again, then another 4 days after that (today), both of which were blowouts! That is how London was as well (minus the blowouts), so it might not be anything to worry about, but it certainly doesn't help my anxieties with a newborn!
My milk came in late, and when it did, in very small qty so her doctor suggested I supplement with formula until my supply could fill her needs. That was of course really hard for me, but after a little emotional melt down, I went ahead and started supplementing with formula. I just wanted to avoid what we went through with London in her first few days.

To be honest, the newborn stage is extremely stressful for me. It was with London and it has been with Tate. Aside from feeling like I have to check on her constantly to make sure she is still breathing, in those first few days as a mom, you are dealing with bleeding, healing, soreness, no sleep, extreme hormone changes, lack of milk to feed, excruciating pain while nursing, jaundice, worrying about the amount of poopy diapers, making sure people aren't bringing in their germs and sickness as they visit, the list goes on and on. Don't get me wrong, I am in love with this tiny little love, and enjoy having her here, but the adjustment period is necessary before things start to feel normal again. Slowly your hormones start to balance out, and you feel less need to constantly make sure they are breathing, the nursing gets better, and less painful thank heavens, but in the mean time, there is definitely an emotional melt down or two. Or three =). I have had my share, and thankfully Brock is always there to say the right things, even when the brunt of my meltdowns are placed on him (sorry babe, thanks for being understanding and patient!). It's definitely a stressful time on everyone. But the newborn stage doesn't last forever! Brock goes back to work tomorrow, after a week and a half off and it will be just the three of us! Pray for me lol

As I mentioned above, nursing hasn't been easy. My milk came in late and I am pretty certain that she didn't get anything for the first 3 days of life, hence the jaundice. It finally came in slowly, and is still not fulfilling what she needs, so I am pumping as well as supplementing still. It is slowly getting better though, much less painful and her latch is great which makes all the difference. That was the main problem I had with London, she never did latch properly so with Tate latching correctly, as long as my supply can fullfill her needs, I am confident that I will be able to nurse much longer than I was able to with London. Fingers crossed. 

London seems to be doing well with the changes and adjusting to having a sibling around, but who can be sure. She has been gentle and soft with her, and hasn't shown an over interest in her. She has been so helpful and sweet. One thing that I did not know to prepare for was mom guilt. I have been extremely overcome with guilt and sadness/emotion for London and the lack of attention and one on one time I have been able to give her. That coupled with having to say NO a lot more and being short with her, has me feeling anxious and wishing I would have known to prepare myself for that. I have been trying to make special time here and there with her, painting her nails, letting her sit with me and play with my makeup while I get ready, reading and singing with her, and just trying to make little moments with her. It is a lot harder to do tho when you have a newborn that needs you much more than your two year old, and will take some getting used to. I only hope that the mom guilt fades away as Tate gets a little older and I am able to balance the attention a little better. 
Another thing that I was not prepared for was how much bigger London would feel after having a tiny baby around. I knew she would seem huge in comparison, but feeling her little body against mine is all a sudden so different. The first night I picked up London after I had Tate, I could almost barely lift her! It literally felt like I was trying to pick up a 4 year old! It made me realize that my baby was officially not the baby anymore and she is growing. I wish I would have held her little body close a few more times and really soaked her up before we brought another little life into the picture.

Again, I don't mean to sound like a total downer in this post! We are all adjusting to this new life as a family of 4 and having a newborn around. We all love her so much and are so glad she is here and a part of our forever family. She is so sweet and I can't wait to watch her grow and develop and share a relationship with her big sister! It will be so neat to watch them as siblings! 


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Baby #2 Pregnancy Update 40 Weeks & 4 Days!

Well here I am, 5 days past due with this little babe. 
To put it lightly, I am freaking over being pregnant!!!
Lets just have this thing already!

It has been so annoying having to wait, but once my due date came and went, people have been texting and messaging me letting me know they are thinking about me, which is SO nice and SO appreciated while I wait around uncomfortably for this baby to come! It is seriously so nice to know that people are thinking about you while you are just at your wits end! So thank you to all of you who read my blog and have checked in on me! 

36 Weeks!
My due date was Thurs the 18th. Today is Tues the 23rd.
I went in for what I hope to be my last check up with my midwife, but then again I thought last weeks would be the last one so who knows! They had me do a NST and everything looked good! My next appointment is on Thurs, they want to see me sooner now that I am past my due date if the baby hasn't come by then. My hope is that it will come on Wed. London was 8 days past due so who knows, could be Friday. I hope not tho. We are all pretty antsy around here for this baby to get here.   

on our way into what we thought would be our last midwife appt
40 Week Non-Stress Test at the birth center

Anyways, I thought I would do my last update for this pregnancy while I am actually still pregnant!!

Things have been pretty uneventful pregnancy wise, which is good. A few weeks ago I had my StrepB test done and I was anxious to see what I would test because I tested positive with London (strepG) and ive heard that when you test pos you always test pos, but this time I was negative!! That means I definitely will not need an antibiotic during labor! That was the BEST news!!

Take home outfit if it is a girl!

Since Thursday I have been having some swelling in my feet and hands and face, which is really super annoying. I had to take my wedding rings off at church yesterday because they were just getting so uncomfortable. Up to this point I haven't noticed any new stretch marks, I have been super lucky in that department with my pregnancies and only have a few very light stretch marks on my belly. I am pretty much out of clothes that fit. I didn't buy any maternity clothes this time around and I am regretting it now, so note to self for future pregnancies: get some maternity clothes! 

37 Weeks!

I have had the nesting bug for awhile now, and have cleaned so much the last few days! I've been wanting to get all the door handles and cupboard handles and blinds and things like that cleaned since we moved in here and finally got around to it. (which is funny because I blogged this exact same thing during my last pregnancy lol.) I spent a couple days just deep cleaning the house, and my mom came over and helped which was super nice! I have the house completely organized and all our bags have been packed for a few weeks so we are ready to go whenever this baby is!

38 Weeks!

I did some things to get ready for my post partum care, made an essential oil perineum spray (Lavender, Frankincense, distilled water) and padcicles (Lavender, Aloe gel, Witch hazel and freeze) which I also did with Londons pregnancy. I ordered some tucks pads and some soothing gel nursing pads on amazon and a few things that will help me feel put together and treat myself to in those first post partum days. I learned quickly after my last pregnancy that it is important to take care of myself, put some makeup on, shower, things like that. I went and got my hair done to help in that department  and actually plan on getting my lashes done shortly after I have the baby because I lose a lot of them after pregnancy, and it is a way for me to feel put together with no effort which is nice because there isn't a ton of time to take care of yourself when you have a newborn. It is alot harder. I also ordered a diaper bag and some new crib sheets as well as the attachment for our stroller that will allow for the baby seat to attach. We are ready!

new hair

Renee came over one day and helped me prepare some freezer meals. We made a couple batches of taco soup, a couple batches of chicken enchiladas, a bunch of breakfast burritos, and some chicken and ground beef to add to pastas or tacos or whatever we may need them for. 

39 Weeks!

I made a little "welcome home baby" sign and some felt ball garlands to hang. I made a girl one and a boy one so I am prepared for either! =)

I got the side sleeper set up and washed all the baby blankets and burp cloths! 
All the baby clothes are sorted by size and gender so once we know what this baby is we can pull the clothes right out. Krissie gave me a bunch of clothes, mostly girl stuff, and we have some if it is a boy but will definitely need to be buying some stuff if it is a boy. I picked out the take home outfits ( a boy one and a girl one) to bring to the birth center. They are so cute! Can't wait to get them on our little baby! 

40 weeks!
London has been so sweet and has been giving the baby lovies and kisses and saying hello and singing to it. Its so cute!

I am excited to see how she reacts to the baby! When I ask her where the baby is she will point to my belly, which also makes for a nice pillow apparently =)

Brock sent me this the other day, and it pretty much sums it up!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Baby #2 Pregnancy Update 34 Weeks!!

     Well it has been 16 weeks since I last blogged/did a baby update so here I am.
One of my goals entering into this new year is to blog at least once a month. I am hoping to do way more than that cause I would really like to get somewhat updated on here, but I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself, so one per month it is! (I will scatter in a few baby bump pics throughout this post)

20 Weeks!

     I really should have done this update at 28 weeks, when I was still loving being pregnant, and everything was going so well! That's not quite the case now lol. 

     I am currently 34 weeks and 3 days. Once 30 weeks hit, things started to change a bit. I became super uncomfortable, pretty much no matter what i do. Sleeping sucks, I can't to much during the day, otherwise by the time evening comes, I can barely move because my back hurts so bad. That makes it really hard to get much done. Maybe one errand and that's it. When i push myself, which i usually do, i end up paying for it later.

24 weeks!!

     I really do love being pregnant, but the end of this pregnancy has been a lot more uncomfortable than my first. 
I have experienced some really painful discomfort in my pubic bone, which is new to me this time around. All around I am just much more uncomfortable. BUT....
I have  a healthy little baby growing inside me! As long as that is the case, this is all worth it

     Here are some more updates:

Weight gain: up until 28 weeks I was up like 5 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight thanks to working out with my trainer, And then we moved, and I had to quit with my trainer and now my total weight gain is around 23 lbs. I REALLY want to stay under what I gained with London which was 40, but I am slowly creeping up there. I guess I will be happy just as long as I don't go over that. 

Cravings: I have been craving fry sauce like crazy. I get fries with fry sauce every chance i get! I have also been craving mashed potatoes and gravy and corn. I can't even count how many bowls of that stuff I have had. And they aren't small bowls either! I just can't get enough! During the holidays I also ate a lot of celery with the squeeze cheese. I know, totally appetizing right?!

Names: We are super undecided on names. Brock now isn't totally set on Wesley for a boy because it reminds him of someone he knows. I am second guessing Evie, which is a name I mentioned liking in my last post. One we have added to the list of boy names is Dallas. I also heard a couple names yesterday I kinda liked for a girl, one was Tate, and the other was Hollis. The only problem with Hollis is it made me think of Hollister, which is annoying. Anyways I feel like our child is just going to remain nameless lol. 

Birth Center/Plan: Well since we have moved since my last post this has changed a little. We are now in North Salt Lake, so I can have the baby at the Salt Lake center!! I am soooo happy about that. They also have opened up a few other locations so the midwives don't rotate through each facility like they used to. There are now 3 midwives at my location that will stay at that location, which means that I wont get the midwife that I don't really like. (There is one there that I am not a fan of, and now I wont have to worry about her being at my birth!)
28 weeks!
Don't mind the mess from moving behind me, and we can thank London for the nasty mirror that needs to be washed!

     Other things of note:

I had my Gestational diabetes test done and that went well so that is good!
At my next appointment I will have my GBS test done, which will be interesting because with London I tested positive for Group G (not B) which is really rare,, the midwives hadn't even heard of it! I'm anxious to see what I test this time around!

I have started letting a little bit of anxiety creep in about giving birth, which I need to nix completely, but I know what to expect this time around, so it makes me a little nervous. With London, I prepared myself for MONTHS before she came, for a natural birth and it went perfectly. I just hope that it will happen that way this time around. 
I haven't been preparing myself this time around like I should be and really need to start working on my hypno babies tools!

    I guess that's all for now! If I remember anything else I will add it to the next update! Only 6 more weeks to go!!

32 weeks!!