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Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 2015 Recap

     December was a really busy month for us! Not only because of the Holidays, but we had just moved from Provo to North Salt Lake. We found a rental there that was only a 6 month lease which is a big part of why we got it, because we were in the market looking for something to buy in Bountiful and we didn't want to be stuck in a year lease in case we found something that worked for us. Well, literally 2 days after we moved in, we found a house in Bountiful that was nearly perfect for what we needed/wanted. We were in the market for something that was big enough for our little growing family, but something that we could also add a mother in law apartment to in the basement (or find one that already had one) so that we could supplement some of the mortgage. The house we found had the perfect basement to put in a mother in law apartment and the price and size and everything else was just what we needed. We ended up putting an offer in and it got accepted!! I got to work getting the loan docs and putting numbers and estimates together for a new kitchen in the basement, and we needed to have a laundry room put upstairs since there was only the one in the basement. We had the inspection done and a couple contractors come in, and long story short, we ended up backing out of the house. It was a hard decision that we went back and forth on, and in the end we are hoping we made the right one! That is how the beginning half of our month was spent! 

Then of course we were able to do some fun Holiday things!
                         We went to temple square to see the lights! London loved all the lights!

I got the house unpacked as quickly as possible so we could get the Christmas decorations up and enjoy them for as long as possible!

Brock and I got in our monthly temple date night 

Aunt Krissie made London the CUTEST dress for her birthday!

We spent lots of warm cozy nights inside! We got a lot of snow in December! One of the snow storms was the worst Bountiful had seen in over three years! I measured our yard and we got 11"!

Watching Daddy shovel


This is the huge tree in our back yard, it was such a pretty view from our dining room window!

We have all loved having a fireplace!!

Some snugs with my babies!

Kordell came to Utah for Christmas so we got some Norton time in!

And of Course Christmas!!!

And next year, there will be 4 stockings!!