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Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 2015 Recap

Here are a few of our October highlights

General Conference!! Definitely tops the list of favorite times of the year. 
Brock had the excellent idea of moving our mattress into the living room to watch it! We piled on the blankets and popped some popcorn and enjoyed the sessions!

Picking "Fows" in between sessions

This girl isn't a fan of having her picture taken, 
so most of them turn out like this, her elbowing me away lol. little stink!

Since I knew Brock would be gone for the priesthood session I put a batch of stroganoff in the crock pot. He doesn't like it so it was the perfect time to indulge my craving for it!

London turned 2!! 

These two. Two peas in a pod!

We celebrated daddy's birthday at our fav. Olive Garden of course!

We got to enjoy the perfect fall weather

grasshopper discovery. "whutisit?"

And of course Halloween!
London was so much fun this year. She LOVES curious george so I thought it would be fun to make her a curious george costume and have Brock dress up as the man with the yellow hat!
I found her little suit at the Di (it was actually a star wars newak costume, but worked perfectly for a little monkey!) Then I just made her little hat, and Brock's hat. 
We went trick or treating at Brock's work and she soaked it all up! She loved every minute of gathering all the candy! It was so fun to watch her! 

We also headed to center street for the Provo city trick or treating, but we were a little late and all the candy was already gone! It was fun to walk around tho and see all the other fun costumes!

Getting this girl to smile for the camera is a feat!

And it wouldn't be Halloween without bread bowls and chili!