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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Baby #2 Pregnancy update 18 weeks!

    Well I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone already!  I'm almost half way through!  Here are some of the latest pregnancy happenings,  in no particular order.
     I have my one and only ultrasound in 10 days and I am sooooooo tempted to find out the sex!  Brock is still set on no knowing until it comes so if I  did find out it it would be a secret for Brock still!  Thats no fun,  right?! 
     Weight gain:  so far since being preg I've lost 6-8 lbs so no gain yet.  Im trying really hard to not gain the 40 lbs I gained with London,  because I started this pregnancy a good 15 lbs heavier than I was when I got pregnant with london so I've been working out 3 days a week with a personal trainer and plan on doing that throughout the pregnancy and after.  It will be interesting to see if there is much of a difference in weight gain. 
     Cravings:  I've been craving allll the shell fish!  Crab legs,  oysters,  shrimp,  lobster,  mussels,  I want it alllll!!!  Luckily recently the crab legs have been on sale so I've had those a few times!  Ive also been craving street tacos like cray so I made some yummy ones the other day!  I've been eating tons of pickles,  including the pickle juice!  Gah!  Its just so good!  Help me!  I just recently started craving hot chocolate,  probably moresl sk from the glorious drop in temps we have had the past week,  so tonight at the grocery store I bought a a big tin of stephens milk chocolate and some pumpkin spice creamer and am currently sippin on that and its yuuum! Off topic, but I also bought a christmas tree candle!!!  Mmmm. 
     Pregnacy side effects: I have had very minimal back pain,  as opposed to londons pregnancy where I had chronic excruciating back pain for several months.  I'm grateful I havent really had too much of that!!  I have been getting tons of headaches and migraines.  With London I had those too but they seemed to go away about half way through of I remember right,  so I'm hoping the end is in sight because they are just miserable.  I haven't had any sickness.  I've been super lucky to not have any morning sickness with my pregnancies.  Knock on wood! Obviously I've been tired but not as much as I was with London. I remember coming home from work and going straight to bed every single day.  I was soooo tired all the time.  With this pregnancy its a different kind of tired,  if that makes any sense. 
     Names:  since we've been planning on not finding out the sex,  we have been talking about both boy and girl names.  Brock still really likes Ezra for a boy.  I'm not totally in love with it.  The main reason I like it is because he likes it so much.  I just dont feel like our boy is Ezra.  For a girl he has mentioned liking Poppy for a girl.  I nixed that one right away.  Sorry Brock! The boys name that I really love is Wesley.  That is Brock's great grandpas (if I'm remembering that right) name,  as well as his brother Kyles middle name.  I really love it and can totally picture a little Wesley in our family!  The girls name that I am currently liking is Evie.  And we both kinda like Addie,  possibly short for Addison or Adalain. And we have even briefly talked about Brock for a boy because we both really like that name :). Who knows what the name will end up being !
     Birth center/plan:  We are using the same birth center we used with London ,  they have an office in Orem and just opened one in Spanish Fork,  which are both equal distance from us (about 15 minutes). The midwives are all the same as the salt lake location I had London,  they just rotate through each center so thats nice seeing familiar faces!  We are doing the student program again this time. I'm not a huge fan of the actual buildings they are in,  they are very office building-y as opposed to the salt lake location which is this gorgeous old historic home.  I love that one so much so if we are still living in Provo come February,  I might try and fenagle having it there somehow!  I've only had 2 appointments so far but I look forward to them so much just to hear that little heart beat.  Its the only thing that makes this feel real!  Until my ultra sound that is! 
     Sadie is pregnant too!  She is only 5 weeks behind me so it will be so fun to be pregnant together and have them be so close in age!!
     So that's the pregnancy thus far!  I'll try and add some pics next time!  Break it up a bit! 


  1. Ash! Congratulations! To you and sadie! Hope you are doing well!!! I am 16 weeks preg with my second now.. exciting times! Miss you!

    1. Selma!! Are you still blogging? If so what is your blog?! Congrats!! So exciting!!

    2. Selma!! Are you still blogging? If so what is your blog?! Congrats!! So exciting!!