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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Blogger mobile… the comeback of the blog??

Well,  somehow I was unaware that blogger had a mobile app!  I have really been wanting to get back into blogging,  for many reasons maybe I will delve into someday, and blogger mobile may be just the thing to do it for me!  Im going to test it out with a couple posts to see how I like it,  but I'm already pretty excited! 

         I am sitting in the living room with the sliding door wide open, its a good 50 degrees out and feels soooooo good!  I've been waiting for fall for 2 months lol.  Im waiting for my personal trainer to get here for a work-out Im not looking forward to. 
         I am 18 weeks pregnant!  This pregnancy has flown by! 
         I am craving a nice cup of hot chocolate from Sev.  Yum.
         Im exhausted.
         And emotional.
         Im thinking I'll do a little pregnancy update just for the heck of it.  I documented londons pregnancy pretty well and I'd like to do it for this one as well.  Maybe that will be my next post.

Well Suzy (trainer) is here so I'll end here with this:

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