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Monday, August 31, 2015

August 2015 Recap

In August we took London camping up at Payson Lakes for the first time!
It was SOOO fun! I have missed camping so much and London loved every second of it. She soaked up every little thing. It was so fun to watch her experience all these new things like a "FIY!" (fire), and sleeping in a tent, and flashlights! All of it! It will definitely make the life highlight reel that's for sure! I cant wait to go again!!

We picked up a pizza on our way up. Best idea ever.

This pic of the three of us totally got smoked out by the fire but I love it so it stays!

I was a little worried that London would be up all night in a tent, in unfamiliar sleeping conditions, but once she went to sleep (which surprisingly didn't take too long, about an hour,) she slept through the night!! I on the other hand literally had the worst nights sleep I have ever had. Note to self: if you ever go camping again while pregnant, take an air mattress!!

The next morning we walked around one of the lakes, It was gorgeous!

We also went to baby Thomas' baby blessing and sadly didn't even get any pics with him!

Brock and I got in our monthly temple date 

I got my hair cut! I chopped off  like 12"!!
Thus, the awkward selfie to show it off. Lets face it, unless I take pics of myself, (or force others to do it, which is even more awkward) I am not going to be in any! So... the awkward selfie (I hate that word btw)

We enjoyed some pool time

I had some SERIOUS cravings for shell fish and we enjoyed the season of Utah peaches, YUM

I straightened London's hair to see how long it was and by the next morning it had popped back into curls. Love those sweet baby curls!

Scripture Time shenanigans!

Just chillin with her babies!

She has the best daddy

She loves putting on mommies headbands and makes the funniest faces when she does!

Some days I become a human jungle gym

Our own little E.T

And there we have our month of August!