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Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015 Recap!

A look at our month of May

We started out May with a Cinco de Mayo party of course! 
We had my family over for chicken enchiladas and other yummy Mexican goodies!

Watching the Cavs play with daddy 

The many faces of London Lou

Playing in the rain!

I love capturing little moments like these: 
This is what having a toddler often looks like
Piggies, babies, raisins, messes, wipes, elbow dimples and cute little toes!

We celebrated mothers day at Amber's. This girl must not have gotten the mothers day memo cause she wanted nothing to do with me, which meant she definitely wasn't going to sit for just one pic with her mama. little stinker ;)

We  spent much of the first of the month packing for our move to Provo.
Unfortunately London got really really sick. She had a really bad fever for a few days. Its always hard and stressful as a mama to see your baby so sick. We tried to ease her fevers with lavender sink baths and lots of cuddles.

All the moving boxes made for some good fort making for Aiden and I!

We got all moved and settled and started exploring our new city! Our condo was right by the Provo Bicentennial Park, which had a dog park where Dallas and Kirsti would bring Luna to play so we would meet them there sometimes to play with Luna.

My first little project at our new place was to make a seating area out on our deck.
I found a really pretty wood bench at the DI that fit this space perfectly. I went and picked up some cute little planter boxes at walmart along with a few flower plants and some string lights and made a cozy little area to relax! This got used after my nightly workouts for some Bachelor watching (which I have since decided to stopped watching lol)!

Another relaxing place that got used a lot in our new place was our gigantic garden tub! Boy do I miss that thing now!
I had to capture this because I thought it was funny that one of London's toys was joining me for my relaxing bath lol

And, since we were now in Provo, London and I hit up this place more times than I would like to admit!
Its just soooooo good!! Definitely in my top 5 favorite places to eat! YUM!

We wanted to take London camping, so we decided to have a trial run in the living room (Brock's brilliant idea). London is quite particular about being in her own bed to sleep, so we thought we would see how she did before we headed to the mountains and had to deal with a screaming child all night in the middle of no where. We lasted about 2 hours in the tent in the living room lol. (but when we went camping in August she did great!!)

And a few more randoms from the month of May: