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Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 2015 Recap!

April started out with Easter!!

Trying to get a good picture of these two is nearly impossible!

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the three of us.

This is what happens on Daddy's watch lol!

Some bath time fun!

Aunt Krissie made London this sweet little dress for her first birthday! We were so excited when it got a bit warmer so she could wear it!

Monday mornings got me like:

London started nursery in April!! It was bitter sweet for me because one of my very favorite parts of motherhood up to this point has been sitting in Relief Society with my baby. It is special to me because I am sitting in a room filled with spiritual mothers/women that I look up to, with my own little baby. I don't know how to explain the feeling, but I loved it! But it was definitely time, because she of course was starting to get antsy and needing some entertainment during church so it
it was so fun to watch her march right in and not look back. She was so excited and has loved nursery ever since. I of course was checking in on here way more than I needed to, peeking through the little window watching her, which will be imprinted on my mind forever. She looked like such a big girl, but yet so little still next to the other kids! I kinda wish I could spy in on her during nursery all the time. Watch her play and interact with the other kids and participate in all the activities!
These pics aren't very good, but I wanted to get a couple to remember her first day of nursery!

We enjoyed the beautiful spring weather at the nursery with Mimi, picking out some plants for the front garden area at the condo!

And taking walks and playing with Sadie and Soph!

Grandpa brought his new puppy over to see London!

Watching the big kids play outside.
Those chunker legs. I die!

Hanging out at Uncle Dallas' & Aunt Kirsti's house!

Playing hide and seek in alllll of mommy's hair!

And just for documentations sake, a pic of how long my hair was!

This site! Daddy ironing one night!

Sweepy babies. My fav

Some days when we are waiting for daddy to get home from work, London turns into somewhat of a demon child lol (and let's be honest, I probably turn into somewhat of a demon mama!)

On April 29th this handsome guy came home from a job interview with some big news!!
An offer!!! (I snapped a few pics that day to document the exciting news!)

Brock had worked incredibly hard for several months, first with completing his M.B.A in 87 days at Western Governors University, and then right after that, starting an accelerated coding boot camp program through DevMountain. As soon as he completed that, he started getting many calls for interviews in the tech field and landed his first job just days after completing the program as a front end web developer!
Everything happened so fast, he got the job offer, which would have us moving to Provo. Within 7 days of getting the offer we had our condo rented out and found a great condo to rent in Provo. Things literally fell into place and we couldn't have been more grateful. We often took the time to recognize how smoothly the whole transition went, during a time that could have been very stressful. Not only a new job, but a completely new career field and a new city that was about an hour away from most of our family. We were very blessed in the whole transition!

Here is our celebratory pic after I got the news!

Playing with grandpas puppy!