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Thursday, November 27, 2014

London's One Year Pics

Sadly this is the last of our sessions with our photographer (we paid for a "baby's first year" package while I was preg) until we can afford her again lol.
She has been so so good.
We got an extremely good deal on the package that we did, and now she is getting more and more clients so her prices are reflecting that =(

But anyway, We had London's one year old pics done at Wheeler Farm. London gets super hesitant and cautious when that big black camera is in her face so it is really hard to get smiles out of her!
little stinker ;)

We did get a few, but they all turned out so good, smiles or not!
That's how good our photographer is! And how cute our baby is ;)

Since London's Birthday is close to Halloween, we also had some done in her costume that aunt Krissie let us borrow!

We LOVE this little girl.
Just cant get enough!

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