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Friday, September 27, 2013

pregnancy update

well i am 39 weeks today!
one week left and i can't believe it. its still not real!

i have been off work for a week now. 
that is an adjustment all in itself. 
it has been really weird being off work, having brock leave each morning and having the day to fill with preparations for the baby. 
its got me in some sort of funk, but by the time baby comes i should feel more directed as my time will be filled with taking care of another person!

its just another transition in this big life changing even that is about to take place! 

I have been able to get some things done this week though so its been nice and pretty productive. 
i was able to make some of the essential oil blends that i will be using for the birth
i got some post partum stuff done (trying to prepare to take care of down there. uh um)
i think ill post a bunch of that stuff sometime so i can remember what i did and used for the next babies!
i got a couple last minute things ordered, the diaper pail and diaper sprayer. and some more diaper liners for the cloth diapers. 
i have gotten to sleep in a little and try to catch up on the sleep i dont get at night. slowly but surely. 
ill need all the sleep i can get with whats about to take place!

i was able to go shopping for all the ingredients i need to make some freezer meals. 
one down and a few left to go. 
thats what i will do today.

i was able to have a little pamper day this week. i got an hour prenatal massage that was so relaxing, and got my toes done. ill tell you what, im looking forward to being able to paint my own toes again! that and sleeping on my stomach again! CANT WAIT! my left hip is constantly killing me from sleeping on my left side all the time!

tomorrow i have another small shower and my MIL flies in. 
hopefully this little babe decides to get here while she is here! 

there are little random things i want to do like disinfect all the handles, door handles, blind pull thingys, cupboard handles, you know, the things we touch everyday! i have been wanting to do that since we moved into our place and sadly have not so thats going on the list of to do's for tomorrow.
plus brock has been sick the last few days so i need to get that place disinfected!

as far as the pregnancy goes, i found out a few weeks ago that my strep b test came back negative which i was soooooo thrilled about. 
but then at my next appointment they informed me that i was strep G positive!
what the?!
no one even knows what that is. its super super rare and of course i have it!
i was and still am pretty bummed about it because i will have to have an antibiotic administered during the birth witch means i will have to have a saline lock. im not too thrilled about that but it is what it is. 
my protein was a little low at my last appointment so i need to eat more meat and eggs i guess. 
other than that everything looks good. 
i measured at 40 weeks at my last 2 appointments so who knows when this babe will come!

sadly i dont have any new pics to add here so this will be a boring pictureless post, but i am determined to get more this week since this might be my last few days being pregnant! sad!!

off to get my protein!

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  1. You won't get to sleep on your stomach just yet! It can cause plugged ducts, mastitis, and reduce your supply while nursing. I know, I know. I haven't slept on my stomach in almost two years... Oh how I miss it!