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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our 2 year Anniversary

1 year anny here

Since our anniversary is right by the 4th of July, we had an extra day off and took a couple more =)

We muddled through a bunch of different ideas for our anniversary, and opted to stay close and keep it simple this year. 

Monday night (anny eve) we had a very classy meal of crab (for me) and mac & cheese in front of the tv!
that's how we roll

We woke up on our actual anniversary after a nice little sleep in sesh and rode our bikes to historic main street for some brunch. (after I treated myself to a pedicure!)

We made two stops, one so Brock could get his sweet roll fix at Bun Basket N Bakery (they have the best raspberry sweet rolls) and another stop so that i could get my fix at
 Bistro on Main for their greek omelet and scones! yuuum!

We then headed home to cool off and relax for a bit. 
apparently this is how we relax. selfies and weird faces =)

Then we headed up to Park City to stay at the Waldorf Astoria.

We spent some time relaxing at the pool and in our nice cool hotel room 

Then we headed to downtown park city for some dinner

I don't know why when people take our pics they turn out blurry GRRRR

so here are some awesome blurry pics

and one of our own blurry selfies!

I swear, someday when im rich and famous I am going to have a personal professional photographer following our little family around so we can capture every moment AND not have blurry pics!

The rest of our anniversary week was spent relaxing at home in the air conditioning together and fun fourth of July festivities!!

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