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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

baby projects

we have been in baby mode for a little while  the last 23 weeks =)
there are a few projects in the works for our budget friendly nursery.
#1. the crib.
a friend from our last ward knew someone that was getting rid of one and wondered if we wanted it.
I was a little hesitant not knowing what it looked like and having a very specific view in mind of what I wanted, but it was free so I said sure why not.
it turned out to be a really great crib. its not exactly what I would have picked out originally but im loving it more and more. it was originally a blonde finish so we are painting it white.
brock spent one evening sanding it so my dad could paint it while I read & played with the chickens.

#2 project is the dresser.
I knew exactly what I wanted and have been scouring KSL and the mid-century mod look doesn't come cheap. unless you are lucky. and go to yard sales! which I do.
so we found a perfect dresser for a whopping $15 bucks! awww yeah
this will also be the changing table and its long enough to work for both.
we are refinishing it to its original wood, It is currently painted white and there are at least 3 layers of paint. sanding was out of the question so brock found the easiest way to go about this and came up with the heat gun, which added $20 bucks to our dresser price but still a $35 dresser....I'll take it. Especially when the same dressers are running at at least $100-300 on KSL. 

I didn't get a pic until we only had two drawers left but here is a pic of the two before
and the rest after.
the heat gun worked like a charm.
it was so nice just peeling the paint right off. sorta like when you would put glue on your hand in elementary and then peel it off!! yummy!

 so we have the two biggest nursery projects in the works! aside from painting the room white. 

upcoming projects will be:
finding fabric for the crib sheets and changing pad
making said sheets and pad
finding a chair brock & i can agree on. he wants a recliner. i do not.

oh and at the same yard sale i found the dresser, i also found this globe (for the nursery), which I have been wanting one forever, and the guy sold it to me for a whole dollar!!!!
i looked online for the same one and the cheapest i could find was $40 bucks!
thats the kinda stuff that makes this thrifter a happy camper. 


  1. You are such a great shopper and crafter I don't have the patience to do things like that and I don't think I have the time, I'm sure I do, I'm kind of a time waster. I'll say one thing about the recliner, they are nice and comfortable but when you are nursing a baby and the baby falls asleep and you want to go lay the baby down you have to try to find a free hand to pull the recliner stick thing down so if your baby is in your right arm and the stick thing is on the right side of the chair it is nearly impossible to pull it without waking the baby. If the baby is in your other arm and you can pull the stick you still have to kind of push the foot rest down with your legs while trying to get out and usually waking the baby and usually when you put the foot rest down it is really loud again waking the baby. To sum that up its hard to get out of the chair without waking your baby. If you don't have the foot rest up I feel like its very uncomfortable since the chair is deep and my feet don't touch the ground. I personally like a chair that I can rock my baby in one that I can sit all the way back in for back support and my feet can touch the floor so I can rock with my foot. Mine also has a rocking foot stool sometimes I put one leg on it but I like to have a foot on the floor to rock so I don't think the foot stool is nessisary and usually don't use it although sometimes I set the baby on it for a minute while I adjust getting ready to nurse or after finishing of course I always have a hand on the baby so not to rock off I'm doing this more as dash is getting bigger and I can't lay him on my lap as well while I do this. Sorry so long but just a few things to think about. I have personally used both and prefer the rocking chair over the recliner the recliner is nice if you know your baby isn't going to fall asleep while nursing for a dad it's great to snuggle with the baby in a nice comfy recliner and even take a nap together in but for a nursing mom I would suggest something else. Good luck!

  2. I've been doing the same. Painted my ugly oak crib white and distressed it. Painted my ugly dresser and distressed it. Also been making the baby's bedding. Its a lot of work but so fun too huh?