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Sunday, June 30, 2013

mimi and baby gavin are here!

renee has been here for the last couple weeks helping amber with brand new baby Gavin!!
He is so so cute and already a little tiny man.

Im still not sure how she had a 10 LB baby growing insider her!
We got lots of fun family time while mimi was here and some always loved baby time!

my beautiful sister in laws and baby gavin

we had a little bbq at grant and ambers and the boys played some vollyball.
mimi and kirsti got in on the action too!

the grandkids played and were the cheerleaders

 on tues amber and the kids and mimi came to see our new place

brock tested out his new chair with the baby =)
he's got the crook of the knee down pat
i think he is ready for one of his own!

it was fun to see here while she was here! next time she comes will be for our baby!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

baby bump: 26 weeks and updates

my belly is growin by the day.
it's weird cause I don't feel like its too much bigger, but I went and put on a shirt that I have been wearing regularly and it was too short for the bump. so it's definitely getting bigger I guess I'm not noticing as much cause i see it everyday!

26 weeks

I bought my first couple of maternity shirts this week!
H&M was my best friend the other day. They had a couple cute maternity shirts and some normal tee's that are stretchy and still fit over the bump for 6 bucks and I am IN LOVE with them cause they stretch, they are thin which is a must in this heat and I don't have to wear an undershirt under them, another must for this heat. the less layers the better!

I have been buying normal clothes (shirts and maxis) just in a larger size up until now, but I don't think I am going to be able to get away with that for more than a few weeks more at least for the shirts. My belly is just growin too quickly! But that's ok cause it just means my baby is growin healthy and strong!!
The baby has been moving more and more and I LOVE IT!
I wish it would move all day long!
It is one of THE most comforting feelings to feel that little thing in there kicking away.
I'm really going to miss being pregnant once this babe comes!

BTW for those of you who don't know, we aren't finding out the sex of the baby hence why we call it "it" or "the baby" because it is nameless not because its just an "it" to us =)

We have made great progress in the shopping and decision making process.
We bought our carseat and stroller.

 as far as i can tell, I think I am going to love them!

Brock was so cute and set up the car seat in the car right away. 
He wanted to figure out what side would be best and we got a mirror that he wanted to try out.
I on the other hand, was not as excited. Only because it ALLLL got real when we got the car seat!
Don't ask me why!
Brock said "it didn't become real to you with a growing belly, or a crib or any of that?!"
and for some reason, no! It didn't!
It was the car seat!
I am more excited now,
 I just went through a couple days of freak out that we are going to have  a tiny little human in that car seat!
It still doesn't seem real but i'm less freaked! =)

I picked a photographer and decided that I am just going to do it all,
the birth story, the maternity shoot and the newborn shoot.
I was hesitant about the birth story and had no interest in doing a maternity shoot, but her prices are realllly great so I couldn't pass them up. We will see how it goes!
Here is her site if anyone is interested:
HarlowMoon Photography

I think that about sums up the last couple weeks of baby-ness
I had an appt with my midwife yesterday and everything is looking good!
I am a week behind what I thought I was, 26 weeks and not 27
The gestational diabetes test came back clean and clear
My next appointment will be my last every 4 weeks and then I will start going in every 2! 
Can't wait!

And just for fun more pics, and my new trick =)

this belly serves as more than just a safe home for my growing babe:

getting more and more excited for this little one to be here!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013


molly and sadie joined us for a bees game last night. 
we went to moochies for dinner before the game. 

summer is here!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

baby bump

I am not one to take a weekly baby bump pic like some mamas out there.
there is nothing wrong with those that do, in fact its probably fun for them to have those pics later on to look back on their growing belly.
but most of the baby bump pics you see out there are of little tiny skinny fit prego ladies that look perfect and that's just not me.
so the weekly bump update just wasn't going to happen.
and still isn't.
however, I do want to be able to look back on my growing belly, so I sent brock the following email
to help me remember I want pics!

it could take about 30 tries before I get a pic I can stand of myself (im working on that ok!)
and ill probably end up hating them all, but at least ill have them.

so im going to try to be better about taking pics, and being in pics.
so anyways here are a couple of my growing belly 

23 1/2 weeks


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

baby projects

we have been in baby mode for a little while  the last 23 weeks =)
there are a few projects in the works for our budget friendly nursery.
#1. the crib.
a friend from our last ward knew someone that was getting rid of one and wondered if we wanted it.
I was a little hesitant not knowing what it looked like and having a very specific view in mind of what I wanted, but it was free so I said sure why not.
it turned out to be a really great crib. its not exactly what I would have picked out originally but im loving it more and more. it was originally a blonde finish so we are painting it white.
brock spent one evening sanding it so my dad could paint it while I read & played with the chickens.

#2 project is the dresser.
I knew exactly what I wanted and have been scouring KSL and the mid-century mod look doesn't come cheap. unless you are lucky. and go to yard sales! which I do.
so we found a perfect dresser for a whopping $15 bucks! awww yeah
this will also be the changing table and its long enough to work for both.
we are refinishing it to its original wood, It is currently painted white and there are at least 3 layers of paint. sanding was out of the question so brock found the easiest way to go about this and came up with the heat gun, which added $20 bucks to our dresser price but still a $35 dresser....I'll take it. Especially when the same dressers are running at at least $100-300 on KSL. 

I didn't get a pic until we only had two drawers left but here is a pic of the two before
and the rest after.
the heat gun worked like a charm.
it was so nice just peeling the paint right off. sorta like when you would put glue on your hand in elementary and then peel it off!! yummy!

 so we have the two biggest nursery projects in the works! aside from painting the room white. 

upcoming projects will be:
finding fabric for the crib sheets and changing pad
making said sheets and pad
finding a chair brock & i can agree on. he wants a recliner. i do not.

oh and at the same yard sale i found the dresser, i also found this globe (for the nursery), which I have been wanting one forever, and the guy sold it to me for a whole dollar!!!!
i looked online for the same one and the cheapest i could find was $40 bucks!
thats the kinda stuff that makes this thrifter a happy camper. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Excited to see one of my pictures featured on

Also have one of my items up on andRuby!
It is a bitter sweet feeling cause its scary putting myself out there,
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