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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


we had our first (and more than likely last) ultra sound on Monday
it was so fun to see the little thing in there just hangin out growing away.
it was also nice to see that things are forming and growing properly
we didn't find out the gender and won't till it comes!
crazy i know =)
we only got a few pics and they all seemed to be the same but here is one of them.
 i also have a little video so maybe ill add that later (i don't have it with me now)

thats our little baby!
its so crazy.
i know that women go through pregnancy and have babies every day but its just so new to me that i feel like its unreal and that im the only one experiencing this lol
it's hard to explain but it just seems so weird that right now millions of women are experiencing the exact same thing i am.
anyways, after the u/s we had a mini photoshoot in front of the birth center.
i wanted to get some of my growing belly but didnt get any good ones.
i'll try again soon =)
i got a new camera so that will help me be better about taking photos

the baby decided to start moving around like CRAZY that night and now i KNOW what i am feeling in there! it's so fun!

i'll be 20 weeks this friday....which means HALF WAY THERE!!

whoa. its kinda freaky that in 5 months we will have a little human to take care of. OUR little human!
holy crap


  1. Ashlee!!!! Your little bean is adorable!!!!! I'm so excited for you two!

  2. 5 MONTHS!!!!! AKK! So incredibly happy! You are looking stunning!!