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Thursday, May 23, 2013

new chicken digs

Since we recently moved, we had to get a new coop for the chickens. Rather than building it this time (which we would have preferred but didn't have the time since our house sold so fast) we bought one. I found a guy on KSL who makes them so we just bought a pre made one. Much more expensive but more convenient with our current sitch.

My dad painted it (I still need to do the trim white) and we need to add shingles to it
 (which we got for free from my dads neighbor who just re-roofed)
The coop came with a run that attaches to it, but it was so small that I made a bigger run for them with wire fencing and separated the run that came with it.
Now they have three separate spaces! It is much roomier for them now and they have more digging space.

I think they are much happier now. We had one that was getting picked on (it was really sad), to the point of blood, and since they have more space now I haven't noticed any more issues with that.

The little doors are slats that you can open to collect eggs. They are more for little kiddos to use, and the top part of the roof above those lifts up for easier egg access. 

This is the end where the included run was attached but as you can see I moved it to the side.
It's nice cause now they have a covered small outdoor space and an uncovered one. We keep the food and water in the covered run. Maybe if it gets too hot we will move the water into the coop but for now this seems to work. 

This is the run I added. I used metal fencing and Metal posts. It's about 10' long by 6' wide. 
It added some much needed space for them.

There are three nesting boxes inside and a roosting bar for them at night. Its funny cause only 6 of the 7 fit on the bar so one is always left out. aww.

Our weirdo chickens decide to lay their eggs UNDER the nesting boxes where its a little smaller and harder to collect the eggs lol. They have slowly been getting better about using thier nesting boxes thought. Chickens are soo funny. and weird. ha!
 And here are a few pics of them.
The pic on the right is brock petting one of our white leghorns. We have 2 of them and they were given to us last summer. They were just about a year old so it took some adjustment for them. When we got them they weren't in the best of shape. All their neck feathers had been plucked out by other chickens they were living with, I guess their living conditions weren't the best before us. They started growing their feathers back and seem to be happy with our chickens. They are really skiddish with us though. Our other 5 chickens that we raised from chicks are not, so obviously the people who raised the white ones didn't interact with them at all.

Thats why I took this pic of Brock cause they have never let either one of us get this close let alone pet them!
Brock must have the magical chicken touch ;)

We love our little chickens, and love the eggs they provide us!
They are so much fun!

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