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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life Lately

Things are moving right along in life =)
Brock and I are keeping busy with little things like work parties and temple going and nursery planning. And already we are half way through this pregnancy! I can't believe it!

Our Weekend happenings:
20 Weeks
We headed to the Bountiful sidewalk chalk festival over the weekend. I discovered a little antique shop and had a keva. yum. My sisters joined us for the chalk gawk. (did i just make that up lol)
Brock had a work party at boondocks on Saturday. We went and played arcades and had free lunch. I really wanted to do the batting cages but it was raining all day =( maybe that was for the better as lunging balls right at this prego lady might not have been the best idea =)
I took a glorious 3 our nap and we capped our Saturday off with a trip to the temple.

Pregnancy wise:
I am feeling great exept my back. I have constant back pain and when I am on it too much its debilitaing. That is my only complaint. The headaches have gone back to normal which is maybe a couple a week. Which is much better than the daily headaches and migraines I was getting a month and a half ago. I am so glad that phase didnt last long.
Besides the back pain and that jaunt of headaches, this pregnancy has been amazing. No sickness and nothing else to complain about! Not what I expected but I'll take it!
Who knows whats ahead cause im only half way there.
I did start having some ankle and feet swelling last week which I thought was a little early. But what do I know, iv'e never been through this before!
I have been using Doterra's AromaTouch oil and I can see my ankles again! Hopefully that will help me prevent too much swelling. I am also trying to drink more and all the other things they say to do for swelling.
We are slowly starting on the nursery. We cleared the room out and are ready to start painting and putting in furniture (which has yet to be purchased). We are painting a crib that was given to us so that is this weeks project.
Brock is ready to start buying things like strollers and car seats and all that jazz.
And this here shop-a-holic is dreading it! It's the craziest thing.
 I freeze up and get stressed at the thought of making those purchases.
Here is why,
There are SOOOO many options and so much to consider when buying all that it is totally overwhelming to me.
I hear staticstics that most people have their child in an unsafe seat and not the right seat for their size/age and they don't even know it and then there are all the plastics and things I hear like they are all sprayed with flame retardants that contain formaldahyde.
Its too much!
Then there is the money part of it. We are spending a ton of money on things that I have never used before. How do I know which features I will like and will help with convenience and which I wont!?
I won't till I fork over the money for it then I'm stuck with what I have!

Ok im done ranting. Clearly I am overthinking every aspect of this. It's just stressfull!

Here is a little reminder of why we go through all this!
And why it is all worth it! =)


Oh and my youngest sister got engaged!


  1. Ashlee, I seriously need to pull my life together to be a part of yours again! lol your little sister is getting married! Craziness. So cool though. Miss you lots!

  2. My friend Meredith has the cutest blog and she went through the same thoughts about purchasing things as you are. So, feel free to read up on her suggestions if you want. She's a new mommy too! http://mersmemoirs.blogspot.com/

  3. I wish that I had some amazing tips on how to go about these purchases but it has been a LONG TIME for me and honestly I couldn't even tell ya what, when or how I did it ;) As stressful as it can be it is also the FUNNEST time of your life. My advice is to ENJOY every single bit of it, the shopping (beause you're going to have to do it regardless), being pregnant (even when you feel miserable), the kicks, the movements, the peeing your pants when you sneeze, cough, laugh to hard or heck even move too fast. The birth, as scary as it may seem it is absolutely beautiful. The lack of sleep, the crying, the teething, the poopy diapers, ALL OF IT because I promise you, it goes so fast and before you know it they are 12 (LOL!) I remember always looking forward to the "next stage". When will they be crawling, or walking or talking and looking back I wish that I would have just enjoyed every stage more! Thats my ramble :)

  4. All I know is what I have experienced. I can give you a few pointers on purchases to try to help you out. If you have questions about anything you can always ask me, I'd love to help with why I think certain products are nessisary or not, it's just one option but maybe it could help. Sharon was going to contact you about us throwing you a baby shower, did you ever talk to her?