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Friday, May 24, 2013

baby kicks

so lately I have been having brock feel my stomach when the baby is kicking.
I want him to get a small glimpse of the immense joy I feel every time I feel it moving in there but he can't feel the baby kicking yet.
until last night in bed when he decided to put his head on my belly to see what he could hear.
the baby decided to kick him right in the head and he sure felt it!!
it was sooooo funny!
I immediately thought that there was a little baby boy in there already trying to rough house with his dad from the womb lol
we'll see!
btw feeling the baby move is by far the best feeling I have ever felt. I can't wait till it is moving more and more.
the feeling is indescribable. I love every second of it.
except when it kicks me in the bladder that's not so fun =)

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