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Monday, May 13, 2013

Additional Relief Society Meeting: Bee Keeping

A couple months ago we learned about bee keeping
There were some ladies in our RS that were interested (including me!) in learning about how to keep bees. If brock and I hadn't sold our house, we were going to start this this year so it was fun to learn more about it.
I asked Luke from the ward who has some hives of his own to come and teach us all about it.
He did an amazing job and shared so much information and at the end tied it in to the gospel with the general conference talk about bees
that was my favorite talk from that conference and I was so excited when he referenced it and tied his lesson together perfectly.
I wanted to keep with the theme of bees for the food so I made scones with different types of honey.
There is a honey shop near us that had fruit enfused honey so I got a raspberry enfused and a mango enfused honey. They were really yummy.
I asked them how they do it and all they do is get DRIED fruit from like whole foods or trader joes and chop it up into small peices and mix it in then let it sit for a week.
I also had normal honey and some syrup and podered sugar for the scones.
I had a bottle of honey for each of the sisters to take home.
Just got those at the dollar store.
 The wooden honey dippers were from the same honey shop for a couple bucks each.

I found the prints on google and just printed them off and framed them in white thrifted frames

The rest of the decor I just had at home

Luke brought a bunch of bee keeping supplies to show us how they are used

We learned a lot and it was nice to have an activity that someone else did the teaching other than me =)


  1. Love your set up - could you share the font name that you wrote bee keeping in? Love it!

  2. Can you email me those pictures? natsthisandthats@hotmail.com