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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Product!

A quick note:
Just added these to the shop:



Friday, May 24, 2013

exciting things are happening!

there are a couple exciting things happening
for my blog and new etsy shop next week!
I was contacted by a writer for spoonful.com to feature one of my parties!


and one of my products will be featured on


so stay tuned!

my product on andRuby will be 25% off so tell everyone!!

I will post once they both go live on these sites,
and stay tuned for a
grand opening giveaway and new products!

we also have a facebook page for the shop so if you feel so inclined head over there to like it =)


thanks for helping spread the word!

I have also added an email subscription option to the top of my blog. If you would like to follow along with our lives, enter your email address and you will receive post updates.
this will be especially helpful for those of you who use google reader, which will no longer exist come july

you can also follow the shop blog the same way by clicking the logo below
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baby kicks

so lately I have been having brock feel my stomach when the baby is kicking.
I want him to get a small glimpse of the immense joy I feel every time I feel it moving in there but he can't feel the baby kicking yet.
until last night in bed when he decided to put his head on my belly to see what he could hear.
the baby decided to kick him right in the head and he sure felt it!!
it was sooooo funny!
I immediately thought that there was a little baby boy in there already trying to rough house with his dad from the womb lol
we'll see!
btw feeling the baby move is by far the best feeling I have ever felt. I can't wait till it is moving more and more.
the feeling is indescribable. I love every second of it.
except when it kicks me in the bladder that's not so fun =)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

new chicken digs

Since we recently moved, we had to get a new coop for the chickens. Rather than building it this time (which we would have preferred but didn't have the time since our house sold so fast) we bought one. I found a guy on KSL who makes them so we just bought a pre made one. Much more expensive but more convenient with our current sitch.

My dad painted it (I still need to do the trim white) and we need to add shingles to it
 (which we got for free from my dads neighbor who just re-roofed)
The coop came with a run that attaches to it, but it was so small that I made a bigger run for them with wire fencing and separated the run that came with it.
Now they have three separate spaces! It is much roomier for them now and they have more digging space.

I think they are much happier now. We had one that was getting picked on (it was really sad), to the point of blood, and since they have more space now I haven't noticed any more issues with that.

The little doors are slats that you can open to collect eggs. They are more for little kiddos to use, and the top part of the roof above those lifts up for easier egg access. 

This is the end where the included run was attached but as you can see I moved it to the side.
It's nice cause now they have a covered small outdoor space and an uncovered one. We keep the food and water in the covered run. Maybe if it gets too hot we will move the water into the coop but for now this seems to work. 

This is the run I added. I used metal fencing and Metal posts. It's about 10' long by 6' wide. 
It added some much needed space for them.

There are three nesting boxes inside and a roosting bar for them at night. Its funny cause only 6 of the 7 fit on the bar so one is always left out. aww.

Our weirdo chickens decide to lay their eggs UNDER the nesting boxes where its a little smaller and harder to collect the eggs lol. They have slowly been getting better about using thier nesting boxes thought. Chickens are soo funny. and weird. ha!
 And here are a few pics of them.
The pic on the right is brock petting one of our white leghorns. We have 2 of them and they were given to us last summer. They were just about a year old so it took some adjustment for them. When we got them they weren't in the best of shape. All their neck feathers had been plucked out by other chickens they were living with, I guess their living conditions weren't the best before us. They started growing their feathers back and seem to be happy with our chickens. They are really skiddish with us though. Our other 5 chickens that we raised from chicks are not, so obviously the people who raised the white ones didn't interact with them at all.

Thats why I took this pic of Brock cause they have never let either one of us get this close let alone pet them!
Brock must have the magical chicken touch ;)

We love our little chickens, and love the eggs they provide us!
They are so much fun!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life Lately

Things are moving right along in life =)
Brock and I are keeping busy with little things like work parties and temple going and nursery planning. And already we are half way through this pregnancy! I can't believe it!

Our Weekend happenings:
20 Weeks
We headed to the Bountiful sidewalk chalk festival over the weekend. I discovered a little antique shop and had a keva. yum. My sisters joined us for the chalk gawk. (did i just make that up lol)
Brock had a work party at boondocks on Saturday. We went and played arcades and had free lunch. I really wanted to do the batting cages but it was raining all day =( maybe that was for the better as lunging balls right at this prego lady might not have been the best idea =)
I took a glorious 3 our nap and we capped our Saturday off with a trip to the temple.

Pregnancy wise:
I am feeling great exept my back. I have constant back pain and when I am on it too much its debilitaing. That is my only complaint. The headaches have gone back to normal which is maybe a couple a week. Which is much better than the daily headaches and migraines I was getting a month and a half ago. I am so glad that phase didnt last long.
Besides the back pain and that jaunt of headaches, this pregnancy has been amazing. No sickness and nothing else to complain about! Not what I expected but I'll take it!
Who knows whats ahead cause im only half way there.
I did start having some ankle and feet swelling last week which I thought was a little early. But what do I know, iv'e never been through this before!
I have been using Doterra's AromaTouch oil and I can see my ankles again! Hopefully that will help me prevent too much swelling. I am also trying to drink more and all the other things they say to do for swelling.
We are slowly starting on the nursery. We cleared the room out and are ready to start painting and putting in furniture (which has yet to be purchased). We are painting a crib that was given to us so that is this weeks project.
Brock is ready to start buying things like strollers and car seats and all that jazz.
And this here shop-a-holic is dreading it! It's the craziest thing.
 I freeze up and get stressed at the thought of making those purchases.
Here is why,
There are SOOOO many options and so much to consider when buying all that it is totally overwhelming to me.
I hear staticstics that most people have their child in an unsafe seat and not the right seat for their size/age and they don't even know it and then there are all the plastics and things I hear like they are all sprayed with flame retardants that contain formaldahyde.
Its too much!
Then there is the money part of it. We are spending a ton of money on things that I have never used before. How do I know which features I will like and will help with convenience and which I wont!?
I won't till I fork over the money for it then I'm stuck with what I have!

Ok im done ranting. Clearly I am overthinking every aspect of this. It's just stressfull!

Here is a little reminder of why we go through all this!
And why it is all worth it! =)


Oh and my youngest sister got engaged!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

etsy shop

i have been working on this for months and i have finally opened my etsy shop!

i also have a blog for the shop that i will update when i have new items in the shop.

so you can follow the blog for updates! click on the links below

help me spread the word =)
this soon-to-be-stay-at-home-mama's got to find a way to help pay the billz!

i will be doing a giveaway soon to help promote my site so stay tuned!

(there is also a link to my shop under my blog header at the top of my blog)


we had our first (and more than likely last) ultra sound on Monday
it was so fun to see the little thing in there just hangin out growing away.
it was also nice to see that things are forming and growing properly
we didn't find out the gender and won't till it comes!
crazy i know =)
we only got a few pics and they all seemed to be the same but here is one of them.
 i also have a little video so maybe ill add that later (i don't have it with me now)

thats our little baby!
its so crazy.
i know that women go through pregnancy and have babies every day but its just so new to me that i feel like its unreal and that im the only one experiencing this lol
it's hard to explain but it just seems so weird that right now millions of women are experiencing the exact same thing i am.
anyways, after the u/s we had a mini photoshoot in front of the birth center.
i wanted to get some of my growing belly but didnt get any good ones.
i'll try again soon =)
i got a new camera so that will help me be better about taking photos

the baby decided to start moving around like CRAZY that night and now i KNOW what i am feeling in there! it's so fun!

i'll be 20 weeks this friday....which means HALF WAY THERE!!

whoa. its kinda freaky that in 5 months we will have a little human to take care of. OUR little human!
holy crap

Monday, May 13, 2013

Additional Relief Society Meeting: Bee Keeping

A couple months ago we learned about bee keeping
There were some ladies in our RS that were interested (including me!) in learning about how to keep bees. If brock and I hadn't sold our house, we were going to start this this year so it was fun to learn more about it.
I asked Luke from the ward who has some hives of his own to come and teach us all about it.
He did an amazing job and shared so much information and at the end tied it in to the gospel with the general conference talk about bees
that was my favorite talk from that conference and I was so excited when he referenced it and tied his lesson together perfectly.
I wanted to keep with the theme of bees for the food so I made scones with different types of honey.
There is a honey shop near us that had fruit enfused honey so I got a raspberry enfused and a mango enfused honey. They were really yummy.
I asked them how they do it and all they do is get DRIED fruit from like whole foods or trader joes and chop it up into small peices and mix it in then let it sit for a week.
I also had normal honey and some syrup and podered sugar for the scones.
I had a bottle of honey for each of the sisters to take home.
Just got those at the dollar store.
 The wooden honey dippers were from the same honey shop for a couple bucks each.

I found the prints on google and just printed them off and framed them in white thrifted frames

The rest of the decor I just had at home

Luke brought a bunch of bee keeping supplies to show us how they are used

We learned a lot and it was nice to have an activity that someone else did the teaching other than me =)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Kyles Graduation

last friday we had the privelage of being a part of Kyle's graduation night.
he graduated with his MRED (masters in real estate development)
amber and grant met up with us later for pizza from the pie and blue bell!! yum.


I look up to this little family so much.
cole is missing in this pic.
4 year olds have way more important thing to do than pose for pics =)

in the words of brock
"we are very pleased with your accomplishments kyle" =)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Additional Relief Society Meeting: Soap Making

I am a few months behind on posting my additional meetings.
a few months ago I tought the ladies how to make hand soap, and laundry soap.
something I have been doing for about a year and a half.
i tried two recipes in the begining and stuck with them because i loved them and wanted to share them with the sisters in my ward.
We had a light lunch and then
 I did a demonstration for them on how to make it and had a recipe for each one for them to take.
I have included the recipes I use at the bottom of this post.
I also gave them the price break down to show them how much savings is possible when you make your own soap
unfortunately I didn't get too many pictures.

I made a batch beforehand so that each sister could take a bottle home.
I found super cheap bottles here
They ended up being about 46 cents per bottle including the pump!
here are the recipes I use

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How I told brock we are pregnant

This is how I announced to Brock that we were pregnant
I found out the day before (blog post here)
and too the next day off to come up with a way to tell him.
that, and I was way to excited to sit at a desk for 8 hours
Here are some more pics and the video