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Friday, March 22, 2013

I've got a bad case of the pregnancies!


growing a human is hard work!

on the forefront (or should i say forhead!): headaches!
i spoke too soon last week when i said i am so lucky i haven't gotten any headaches yet, which was an automatic expectation for this cronic headache girl.
but then they came. and boy did they come!
its usually on the left side of my head. peircing pounding pain.
and don't tell me i can take tylenol for them, cause i know. and i have. and it does NOTHING!
i have been using essential oils as well and sometime it helps (as in eases it maybe 15-25%) and sometimes the smell just makes them worse!
the pain was so bad the other day it made me physically sick =(
i am to the point where i feel like i am always on the verge of another debilitating headache all the time so i dont want to make any sudden movements or look at bright lights just to try to avoid one.
please tell me this is like a first trimester kinda thing.

the other joys of growing a human
two words:
back pain.
another shockingly horrible surprise.
i did NOT expect back pain this severe this early on.
its just as bad (luckily less frequent) than the headaches!
two saturdays ago i had a RS activity to help put on.
after about 5 hours or work, i limped into the house and went to the bed immediately thinking that getting of my back would help.
i laid down and my sweet husb brought me some frozen peas so i could alternate hot and cold.
by the  time he came back in the room, i couldn't move.
i couldn't pull myself up, or to the side or even roll over.
Brock pulled me up and i immediately screached out in pain saying back down! put me back down!
so i laid there and cried like a little baby. it hurt!
 i've never experienced any sort of back pain like that.
needless to say, i have had back pain on and off since then (and a little before just not as severe)
i think it is my sciatic....based on stuff i have looked up on the internet.
i've been tryin to pin point the stressors that quickly spin me into old lady limping but i just can't figure out if it is when im on it too much, or im not moving enough.
either way, it suUucks

lets see, what else..

oh. my face fuzz (aka peach fuzz on my face) is growing like crazy.
 boo. gross. boo.

ive been wearing maternity pants for like 2 weeks now and i am fairly certain i will wear them for the rest of time. so comfortable!
that and maxi skirts! we had a girls night with the sil's and we made maxi skirts.
i made a black one and love it! i have 3 more to make so if anyone wants to come over and make them with me please! come!
for realsies

then there are the rest of the normal things like smells.
everything brock eats pretty much makes me leave the room.
and pizza. just the thought is enough to send me into a heaving heap of hot mess.

and pee. tmi?
i have to go SO much and its starting to effect my sleep. 3 times a night is the record so far and it is freaking annoying. i just want to sleep!
i know you are all murmuring "get use to it!"

i will be in my second trimester at the end of this month and i can't wait!
i am hoping that after that (and my next apt where i will hear the heart beat) my crazy thoughts of "is my baby still alive in there" will ease a bit. maybe not, but i am hopeful it will after those two milestones.

in other news, we are selling our house and moving to bountiful!
we just countered our first offer today so pray for us that it will all go through without a hitch!

p.s i think i will do the occasional pregnancy update, just to document and remember the things i am experiencing here on the blog, but don't expect a weekly bump update!
lets face it, i looked 3 months pregnant before i even got pregnant so the bump wont be too exciting till its a real bump. not just a im fat bump!


p.p.s  sorry for this pictureless boring post. i have been sadly horrible at taking pics lately.
also a i need to post about how i told brock we are preg. i'll get that one in the works here soon.

p.p.p.s although growing a human is hard, and there are some not so fun things about it, i am so grateful for all the symptoms i am experiencing because each one just means there is life growing inside me, and i am able to experience this amazing blessing that i know so many struggle with.

ok im out.

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