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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

baby brash: this is how it all went down

warning: this post has period talk in it!
brock and I started trying back in august. from the begining I always felt like I would get pregnant right away. and for most people 6 months is right away so I can't complain.
my dr. told me it would take about a year for the first time so that was in my mind.
I wasn't going to worry until that time.

my last cycle included an iffy period. I had some spotting for the first couple days then nothing.
that was unusual because my periods are always the same, never any surprises.
but my first thought did not automatically go to "I must be pregnant"
I just thought it was weird and kept telling Brock that it was weird.
finally after 5 days of no regular period I decided it was time to take a test.
but it was sunday. and I didnt have one!
so i had to wait until mondady.
I stopped by Harmons on my way to work and took it when I got to work.
yep. all by myself!
it was a surreal experience to say the least.
the test was immediately positive.
and I couldnt believe my eyes.
a bunch of things went through my mind.
the first was gratitude.
then i collected myself and left the bathroom, pee test in hand and sat at my desk and stared at it.
then i relized i was having all these thoughts and emotions so i opened up a bog post and started jotting down them down in a draft.
here is the list in raw form lol
"holy crap"
"im shaking"
"my heart is still pounding"
"is this for real?"
"of course im preg, i didnt start my period"!
"how do people keep this a secret for so long"!
"how am i going to tell brock"!
"I cant concentrate or focus"
"I keep looking at the test"!.
I probably looked at the test 50 times in the first hour.
then the following jotted feelings:

"the plus sign has faded its been about an hour.. now i am wanting to test again just for that confirmation."
"I dont want to get my hopes up for something that might have been a false pos. but they are pretty much already up now."
I went and picked up three more tests different brand this time from all-a-dollar.

"just took another test (a different kind) still pos"!! =)
then I decided to have a little fun with Brock!
I sent him the following email:


then I started scheming how I was going to tell him. that got me even more excited!
before we even started trying I knew how I wanted to tell him, but that didn't end up working out because my source moved to California and it would have taken a few days and I couldn't wait that long to tell him so I came up with a new plan. I will do a seperate post on that.
So here are the deets:
I will be 10 weeks on friday.
we couldnt wait to tell people. At first I wanted to wait till 14 weeks to tell people, Brock is all about telling people and I really wanted to also cause we were/are so excited but I was worried about miscarriage of course.
then I started thinking about it and thought you know what, if I do have a miscarriage, thats whats supposed to happen and people deal with that everday. I will handle it regardless if people know Im preg or not.
so there.
my due date as per google.com is Oct 3.
I have my first visit on Wed Mar 6th so we will see how far off that date is!
I will do another post about my birth plan (yes I alreayd have one, and have had one for months! I have been reading so many books since we started trying and have chosen the right path for me and our family.)
so thats where we are at!
Posts to come:
how I told brock
birth plan
oh ps. an explanation of "baby brash"
on the norton side all the marrieds have celeb names like "branjalina" (brad and anjalina)
ours is brash (brock and ash)
hence "baby brash"

Monday, February 25, 2013

and baby makes three!

well we are pregnant!
obviously i have a ton to blog about, and plan on it sommmmeday but with no internet at home its kinda hard. hopefully i will get around to it soon.
until then,
here is a vid of us announcing to my sisters that we are pregnant!
best reaction ever!
love them!