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Friday, December 7, 2012

additional RS meeting: pancake party!

here is a link to last months A.R.S.M a get to know you night with an owl theme.
this month for the additional RS message I did a pancake party.
we had a bunch of pancake mix left over from a summer breakfast that the ward did, so in attempts to use what we already had, I came up with a pancake bar.
I just gathered some frames from around the house and created some some chalkboard typography, which is all the rage in pinterest land, and for good reason. It's super cute.
I thrifted the three silver vases? buckets? (I don't know what they are called?) for 5 bucks and filled them with stuff I found outside.
Unfortunately I forgot the table cloth, so everything looks a bit unfinished but other than that it all came together nicely. (sadly I did not get a pic with the pancake platters. they went in that big empty space) 

I made 4 different kinds of pancakes:
cottage cheese
whole wheat

sadly I didn't get any pictures of them on the table.

for toppings I did
choc chips
powedered sugar
along with
strawbery jam
raspberry jam
I bought the sqeeze bottles (98 cents each) from walmart and made some labels.
the jams and stuff were in mason jars with labels I made.
I found this birdcage (I have been wanting one forever but havent found anything inexpensive till now) at ross for 7 bucks! I was happy about that find. I think I am going to spraypaint it for my house now that I have used it for this (i didn't purchase it for this specific thing, it was just good timing as I have been looking for one forever)
I had bought the two metal baskets at a thirft store for 2.50 and put some moss in there for the jars.
I added a couple candles and a goard (sp?) for some filler and that was it.
I put the pancakes on silver platters in the big empty space on the table =)
and a water jug on the end of the table (after the pics were taken)
for the thought/lesson I talked about visting teaching.
I wanted to give the sisters some fun cheesy ideas to use when they visit teach just to break the ice and have some fun with it.
I had three bottles of soda each with the saying "We're soda-lighted to be your visiting teachers"
and 2 packages of grands rolls with the saying "We think you're GRAND. Love you visiting teachers"
I gave them to the first 5 sisters that got to the meeting, to give to their visiting teach-ees
I also found this really cute calling card on pinterest that I printed off for everyone to give the sisters they visit
I also had a poem for them that I printed off and cutified  (did i just make up a word?)  with some scrapbook paper:

 I created a free download here for you to print your own!

If you would like to use any of these, feel free to comment and I can email them to you!