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Friday, October 12, 2012

General Conference

Last weekend was General Conference.
I LOVE this time of year. I look forward to conference so much.
Usually I don't have tickets to begin with so I (and now we since i have a husb) go down to the conf center to get peoples extra tickets. 
we work that corner good and i have never NOT gotten tickets! I have been so lucky to be able to get to go so much. 
This time though we didn't have to work the streets for tickets ;)
our stake got some so we were able to go to the Sat afternoon sesh.
It was a really great session and I got to spend the whole day with the boy I love.

before the session we i decided we should go get some lunch. We went to spaghetti factory. yummm
an odd thing happened there.
our waitress came out to take our drink orders and she instantly burst into tears! I felt so bad and wondered if it was my fault cause we asked to be moved to the balcony outside. I'm such a pain right!?
It actually wasn'y us, but she was so sad that she had to work during conference and just wished she could be there at the sessions. It was making her THAT emotional. I felt really bad and part of me wished i could give her my ticket and work her shift for her! 
Anyways she collected herself and we enjoyed a nice lunch together.
me and my boy that is.

insert crappy cell phone pic:

we enjoyed the session and got a few pics afterwards at the temple. along with the other millions of people who had the same idea.

this is what we do in elevators. don't you?!

i just had to share this caues i was  am proud.
my outfit (minus the boots cause i don't remember how much they cost me years ago) cost a total of 7.50!
 i love finding good deals its too exciting not to share!
im a huge thrifter when it comes to clothes so hear is the break down.
skirt: $5.00 
shirt: $1.50
cardigan: free.hand me down
belt: $1.00 just happened to match my shirt perfectly!

this is not a fashion blog nor will it ever be but sometimes i just want to share my deals!!
when i got these the other day i also got like 4 other skirts and 2 shirts AND a purse I love (seen above) for 
30 bucks.
thats 5 skirts and a bag and 3 shirts! and I LOVE all of them! AND they all fit perfectly!

oh, and my bag, that was a whopping 7 bucks. (i didn't include that in the outfit total)


  1. love your purse where did you get such great deals?

    1. Thanks Lacy! I got the bag at savers. 90% of my wardrobe (minus shoes) is usually thrifted. Either Savers, The DI and random consignment shops like uptown cheapskates or platos. I love finding things for cheap that actually fit that others are paying 30 bucks for but i spent 5! =)