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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I had this vision, as I do every year, of a beautiful fall drive up the canyon with the husb to see the changing leaves and enjoy the crisp fall air. a tradition i would like to carry on for years to come when we have babies of our own.
This is how the vision ended up....no quite as i had imagined it....
a mad rush to get up the canyon before it got dark.
what we made it in time to see was dead ugly trees. not beautiful bright red and yellow leaves.
maybe we took our drive a little late in the season? or picked the wrong canyon?
an attempt at some self portraits, after one or two, the camera dies.
luckily i brought a backup.
short person problems. when i try to take the pics, i ALWAYS cut of his head.
another attempt at self timer pics.
how much do you think it would cost to have a photographer follow us around for the rest of our lives so we can actually get some good pics?
that.worked.out.well. NOT!
This is the only pic i got of the leaves. There is a TINY bit of red if you look reaaaally close.

and then i saw a beaver. which at first i thought was a huge log, until it dove under water.

and this handsome boy was nothing but understanding about a negative nancy wife being grumpy that her 'vision' didn't turn out to be all that she expected it to be.


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  1. That happened to us last year, totally sucked, we went up emigration canyon. This year we went to Alpine loop, it was the most beautiful leaves I have ever seen, I think we are going there every year apparently it's pretty popular, bummer thing for us is that we were trying to find a camp spot to eat before it got dark so we didn't stop for pictures, I thought we would take some at the camp site, but there weren't as many leaves there. Maybe you could try again, but then again that was the last weekend in September so maybe it is to late now, I don't know. Any way hope you still had fun.