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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the fair

i LOVE the fair.
the people watching.
the corn on the cob.
 the funnel cake.
our personal favs

not sure what's with the spots on the pic?
and now for a very flattering pic of me stuffing my face with corn on the cob.

we watched a dive show. kinda cool to see the divers dive from the verrrry top platform..
.allll the way up by the top flag

Monday, October 29, 2012

the rest of trek

our family

and i'm sure that the pioneers had cool stunna shades just like us.
this last pic is at the very top, where i was fairly certain i was going to kill over and die.
right after this we read letters that we had written to eachother and brock's didn't dissapoint.
he is perhaps the sweetest husband in all the land.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


brock and i were called to be a ma' and pa' for our stake trek this summer
they did it at this is the place monument.
it was a fun experience that i hope i dont have to experience again ;)
"this is the place" is SOOOO quaint and beautiful.
they have a whole pioneer world set up up there!
while people were eating, 
i took a little walk around by myself
just as the sun was setting.
 it was so beautiful and peaceful.
i want to live here.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Girls night out

renee was in town for a few days for the doterra convention back in sept so i decided to set up a girls night out with the sister in laws.
we headed out to provo to eat and get some bluebell ice cream!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

our first garden

we decided to plant a garden this year after watching this film
it is a gardening technique where you only have to water
your plants until they are sturdy. then you stop.
sadly i can not find the pics of all the steps we took when preping the land but watch the video and you will see exactly what we did.

the fruits of our labor:
our first harvest

another chicken photo bomb


Sunday, October 21, 2012

labor day

we headed up to payson lakes for labor day.
we called kyle and krissie to see if they wanted to head up with us.
luckily they said yes cause i got to spend the day with this little piece of heaven:
Cole got to do some fishing with his daddy
and there was much relaxing being done in these gorgeous surroundings.
 the weather was p.e.r.f.e.c.t
i spent the drive down the canyon like this:
trying to capture every second of the beauty


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkins and chickens

brock made a quick stop on his way home on friday for two things.
he showed up at home with roses for his wifey and pumpkins.
he is the cutest.
the pumpkins he picked out were down right perfect. one even had the little curly cue stem!
and in attempts to get some artsy fartsy pumpkin pics, a chicken photo bomb...
and since they are so cute, more chicken pics.
...yes. chickens can be cute.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Additional Relief Society Meeting: Owl theme getting to know you


Last month I got a new calling.
I am no longer the gospel docterine teacher, I am the second councilor in the RS presidency.
I LOVE my new calling.
I have always felt best when serving in the RS so I am sooooo excited to be back!
As the second councilor I am in charge of the additional meetings.
Last night was my first one.
I decided I wanted to document my activities here so that I can come back for ideas in the future.
Anyways, when I got the calling I immediately started thinking of ideas, and after learning more about our RS and their specific needs, I decided to start out with a get to know you night.
This was for the month of October but I wanted to steer clear of a Halloween theme, mainly becuase it was a church thing and Halloween is about dark dead things!
So, I came up with an owl theme. It's still an october-ish thing and I love them so it was perfect.
The ideas started flooding in. I did most my thinking and creating in my head while I tried to fall asleep each night. For some reason that is when I do my best thinking.
I decided that the owl theme would be perfect for a get to know you night
 because I could use things like:
"Whoooooo are you?"
Whooooooo's Whoooo?"
which I did!
Here is the invitiation that I created (in microsoft word...lol):
As you casn see, I told the sisters to bring 3-5 items from home that describe them, their talents and interests, in a bag so that no one could see what they brought.
I had the refreshements set up in one room to start the night, and we then made our way to the RS room for the rest of the night.
Here is the entrance to the first room:
I had a sign on the table instructing the sisters to leave their bag of items there.
I had some name tags so that everyone would know everyone elses name
(which would come in handy later).
 I made a bunch of owl ornaments for each sister to take home with them. I found that idea here. She even has a a free download for the pattern she used, which I also used, but changed mine up a bit by using the sewing machine rather than doing them by hand like she did.)
I also added that big owl cookie jar as decoration to the table.  I found that thing at a yard sale this summer for a whopping 2 bucks and I love it.
For the refreshments I got a little cheesy and did owl cupcakes, which are all over pinterest.
I didn't LOVE this idea, cause it is a bit cheesy, but thought that regular old cupcakes would be boring, so I did it!
The other little cookie sandwiches just happend.
I made some pumpkin cookies, that turned out flat and blah, and since I only used one side of each oreo for the owls, I cut the pumpkin cookies in circles the same size as the oreo and sandwiched them together using frosting to keep them together and dusted them with powdered sugar.
I am not sure how they turned out cause I didn't try them, but that was just a last  minute concoction.
While the sisters were eating and visitng, I was in the RS room setting up all their items on display.
I grouped them together and numbered them.
We then went around and guessed who brought what.
This is where the name tags came in handy, in case there were sisters who did not know eachother.
I created this little list for each of them to write their guesses on.
After everyone was done looking through the items and making their guesses, I had each sister in order, come up and describe the items they brought and why.
The sister that got the most correct got a prize.

The meeting turned out so well.
I was BLOWN AWAY by the amazing talents of the sisters in my ward and we all got to know eachother so much better!
I already have some fun ideas brewing for Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and Mar!