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Thursday, August 16, 2012


most people i know don't announce to the www that they are trying to have babies. 
but i guess we are not most people.

when we were dating we kept our relationship a secret for a month. 
we kept our engagement (well our decision to get married) a secret for a month.
and if it were up to me, we would keep the fact that we just had my birth control removed 
(it was in my arm)
a secret as well. 
but my husb likes to tell people things, so now you all know too!

we are officially crazy  trying!

with this information out, i fear that i will constantly be getting the question of "are you pregnant yet?!"
....mainly from my mom but i fear it none the less.

so don't ask =)

we will let you know when it happens!

i was scared. 
for two reasons. 

1. being cut open to have it removed
2. for the outcomes that this descision will create! (i will probably do a post on this one all by itself)

brock was so sweet and got off work early to come with me cause he knew i was nervous.

we went to spaghetti factory afterwards to celebrate!

so there you have it.
i don't think the severity of this decision has fully set in....and probably wont till we see the double pink lines on that stick.....

p.s. i can't wait till my dang hair grows out so that when i curl it i don't look like a country western singer with big ol' hair


  1. YAY! I am so happy for you! YOu are going to be an AMAZING mommy! And I am SURE your mom just can't wait! And the arm cut open thingy.. I would have been nervous for that, also. Eek. Good luck and I can't wait for you!

  2. I am tryin too just a word of warning it sucks. You wait all month for good news then when you get a negative you are so sad. But good luck babies are amazing and I hope you have fun trying and try to not dwell on it.

  3. congrats!!!!! That is such an exciting time!!! K do explain what birth control you had cause I have never heard of one that goes in your arm?????? Cant wait to hear your good news!!!! Good Luck!!!!!

  4. So exciting, I hope all goes well. If I have learned one thing from trying to have babies it's that you just can't plan it, no matter what my plans on children have never happened the way I thought it would, but thank goodness I know that even though I think I have a plan and I think it's the right one Heavenly Father knows best and He is has a plan for me and even though it has not ever happened the way I thought it would I know that His plan is the better one, hope that makes sense. Good luck and I totally agree with Lacey, I think trying totally sucks.
    P.S. We are pregnant again, I haven't officially announced it but I probably will soon.