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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


some random ramblings

  • i can't believe it is already august. to me this means summer is nearing it's end and that is a depressing thought. 
  • brock and i have a 2000 piece puzzle layed in our living room. we have been consumed with electronics (computer, gaming and the like) lately so this was our effort to pull away from it all and spend some non electronic time together. 
  • i gave up on the cleanse =( i think i made it like 8 or 9 full days. but it is HARD and i don't have as much willpower as my super human husband.
  • i am looking forward for him to be done so i can start making some yummy vegan recipes i have found
  • we are down to 5 chickens from 7 =( sadly we had to get rid of both our silkies because they ended up being roosters. they have an adopt a rooster at IFA so i know they will go to good places. that was a sad day though.
  • i listened to phantom of the opera the other night. it was the first time i had listened to it since we saw it in NY, and i think i am forever ruined. the music is just so much more consuming in real life, that now when i listen to it at home, its just not the same as it once was. i told brock we HAVE to go see it if/when it comes back to SLC.
  • i cleaned the house on saturday morning and it is already a disaster. how does that happen. im going to need to learn a thing or two before we have kids making it even harder to keep clean!
  • speaking of babies, we have a new baby niece! we can't wait to meet her!
  • sometimes brock will email me in the middle of the day and say things like, "remember when we were on our honeymoon watching fireworks, and that yummy coke we had" or " remember when we went and saw phantom in NY" i love it when he thinks of past memories, and then brings me down memory lane with him. so sweet!

and there you have a glimpse inside my current state of mind.

oh. and p.s i love this boy

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