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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The peacocks are back

the peacocks showed up again in our back yard. here are the vids i took the first time they came through our back yard
i actually found out why there are peacocks in our neighborhood, so here is the story..

a couple weeks ago we had some friends over from our ward for a game night. i had told them about how the peacocks came into our back yard and one of the couples told us how the peacocks were actually raised in the house that they bought. i guess the lady that lived there before raised them in her back yard, and when she died her kids just let them all out, so now they just rome the neighborhood. 
kinda random.
i guess there is a lady a couple blocks down that feeds them sometimes. 

anyways they showed up the other day again and i was able to get some better pics of them so i thought i would post them here. 
i just think these things are so cool and fascinating. 
also brock found a peacock feather in our back yard which has become a part of my bedroom decor...

it is hard to see in that last pic, but its there and i love it!

1 comment:

  1. Pretty! I've never seen a white one?! I'd love to incubate some peacock eggs :)