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Friday, July 6, 2012

It's not a diet, It's a lifestyle. part 1

It's not a diet, It's a lifestyle
Brock and I have  got a lot of flack for certain choices we have recently made in our eating habits. These choices are the effects of a lot of information that we have learned in the last month or two. 

This blog post is an attempt to answer any questions we have had from people, to explain what it is we are doing, to inform and share what we have learned, and to hopefully end teasing, mis-understanding and negative comments. (The last one probably won't fully disappear, but at lest we can get our side of things out in this post)

Many people do not understand what we are doing and why. This is an attempt to combine months of research and learning. Originally we were going to try to do this in one blog post, but there is just a lot of information and we don't want you to get too bored =) so stay tuned for more in depth information broken down by subjects.

If you want to know how we have 
lost a combined total of 25 LBS 
in less than three weeks, 
then keep reading!!! 

It all started when we watched a documentary called "The Beautiful Truth". Brock came across it while watching "20 Lies Every American Should Know".
 (Another really good video we suggest watching. You can watch both for free on youtube).
The Beautiful Truth really got us thinking about the things that effect our health. Things that can make us sick that we have no clue about. The documentary talks about so many important things, and about Dr. Max Gerson, that proposed a direct link between diet and the cure for cancer. It talks about toxins in foods, processed foods and the dangers of each. It talks about the Gerson Therapy, which consists of an all natural diet. Eating fruits and veg and no processed foods. For more information on the therapy, watch the video. Not only has this therapy cured many many cases of terminal cancer, it also prevents disease and cancers. 
This was enough to get us started on this path. 


We decided that we immediately needed to start eating only organic food .
Not only was this a health decision, but a LARGE financial decision. For us, it is more expensive. Quite a bit more expensive actually.  But once the decision was made, that was it.
We feel that what we are spending now on food, will be much less than what we would spend in the future on healthcare if we didn't do this. 

After we made this decision, the rest of the changes quickly snow balled. 

We told Brock's brother about The beautiful Truth as well, and after watching it he decided to go Vegan.
I'll be honest, I thought that was a little dramatic when I initially heard that, but my opinion quickly made a 180 after more learning and research. 

After I watched The Beautiful Truth, I realized that people care about money more than they care about life. The people who appear to be helping, by trying to find a cure for cancer, are making millions and millions of dollars. The people who treat cancer are making millions and millions off of those that are ill. The pharmaceutical companies are making millions and millions of dollars off of sick people. Why on earth would they want to find a cure? To them, that is an end to their wealth. (Don't get me wrong, I do believe there are some good people out there that want to find a cure, but the cure might be right outside our doors....in our gardens!!)
The crazy thing is, Dr Gerson had many of these answers and guess what....he mysteriously died of arsenic poisoning after his notes and discoveries were stolen...
We are all led to believe one thing, when in fact that may not be true. We need to open our minds and step outside of what we are originally taught sometimes, to find the truth. 
To me, a natural diet made sense.


After a couple weeks of organic, we made the decision to eliminate processed foods from our diets. We felt that even though we had made a step towards better food choices, it was not enough. Processed foods are a huge, if not the biggest, culprit to health problems, disease and obesity. 
I am not going to discuss the dangers of processed foods at this time (post to come), but we encourage you to find out about the things we as a society are choosing to put into our bodies. It is crucial that we educate ourselves.


At this time we decided to drop all sugar as well. This was tough at first because we literally had to (and still do) check every label of everything we buy to make sure it does not have added sugar in it. 
Like I said earlier, it is definitely a lifestyle change. Oh, and did I mention NO MORE COKE FOR ME... yikes.


From there we decided not to eat meat or dairy anymore. Brock had heard a newscast talking about levels of radiation being found in meat and things from Fukishima that have made its way over here.

With all of these things we had been learning, and all the changes that we have decided to make, one morning for our scripture reading we decided to read the Word of Wisdom (w.o.w).
We were immediately stunned and shocked.
We as mormon's know that the word of wisdom says that we should not drink alcohol, hot drinks, no tobacco and we live by that. But do we really know what it says about other nutrition? Meat for example...
Here is a link 
Starting specifically with vs 12, the revelation says that flesh of beasts and  fowl can be used SPARINGLY.
It then goes on to say that it is "pleasing unto me that they not be used, only in times of winter or cold or famine"

Now, some people say that it is how you interpret this. And I agree. People start to argue the placement of the comma after *used in vs 13. We have prayed about this, and we feel that we are being told that we should only eat meat in times of extreme freezing cold winter when there is famine. I do not believe that we have experienced such an occasion in our lifetime.
This is our belief, and we do not judge anyone who does choose to eat meat. We are were HUGE meat lovers. To us a meal wasn't a meal unless it had meat. It was the staple of our meals. But then our hearts and minds were open to the w.o.w and we have made the decision to not eat meat.
We do however urge you to read the w.o.w and decide for yourself. Pray about it and study additional scriptures about eating of meat. (there are many)

The dairy descision was also made at this time, and since then we have done more study on the negatives of drinking milk and consuming other dairy products. 
There is also a lot of information out there about this (post to come)

So what do we eat? you ask...
Oh my, the possibilities are endless. The food that we have on our earth is so delicious and beautiful. Once you start looking into this kind of lifestyle you see that there is no end to the abundance of beautiful food we have to eat. One question we get is how will you get enough protein?
There is so much protein in plants if you eat the right ones! We can get all the nutrients we need by eating plants! Fruits and veg! Grains, nuts and seeds!!! And it is all so delicious.

One huge benefit of this that we were not expecting was immediate weight loss!!
In the first three weeks, Brock lost 14 lbs and I lost 11 lbs.
This is a big deal to me, because I do NOT lose weight easily. I have to work very hard for every pound I lose....until now!
We haven't stepped foot in the gym since we have started this.
We are going to start exercising though, because that is something our bodies need even if we are losing weight.

So are we Vegan? I guess if you have to put a label on it, that is the closest thing, but we do eat eggs (since we have chickens) and most vegans do not eat animal product mainly because of animal rights. Which is great. But this is not what drove us to no more meat or dairy. Although, the suffering that the animals go through is seriously depressing (maybe we will do a post on that). Also some vegans still eat processed foods. The vegan cheeses, tofu, those types of things are still processed. If what you are eating can't be pulled from a tree or picked from the ground and eaten in that same state, it is processed. We do consume SOME processed foods, but we go by a rule of 5 ingredients or less. If it has more than 5 or has ingredients that we can not pronounce, or do not know what they are, we do not eat them. 

But don't take our word for it! 
We encourage you to do this research for yourself. I am a born skeptic, so when I am presented with new information, I'm alwys asking questions to prove the 'other side'. 
After we watch these documentaries and read these things, we research the other side. You can't always believe what you see or read, so you need to take it further and research different sides of the information you have been presented with, or just try this lifestyle for yourself. Try slowly dropping some of these things and see what a difference it makes in your life.

Our bodies are so used to the crap that we put into them, that when we change that for the better, by eating natural, our bodies might go into shock mode. For me personally, I had some detox symptoms. Whether it be from eliminating sugar, or the meat, whatever it was, my body was detoxing from what I was choosing to feed it before. I will do a post about the detox symptoms and what to expect....

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  1. I think its great that you are doing this, it just makes sense that it would be much healthier. I wish I would have the motivation to do it my problem is that I don't like most fruits and vegetables (only a few) and I hate berries and most nuts. I would love to make a change in the future, maybe not quiet as drastic as you did, but I think its great. I hate cooking and I find it really hard to come up with things to eat so I think this would be even more of a challenge. Maybe if you did my shopping and told me what to make for every meal every day then I could do it! Good luck!