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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's not a diet, It's a lifestyle: 28 day cleanse

 this is part three of a series of posts about our health journey.
brock and I started a 28 day cleanse today. 

we figured since we have made great changes in our eating habits, and cut out a lot (see here)
we needed to cleanse our bodies of all the harmful stuff that we were putting in it before. 

this cleanse is a digestive track cleanse, so it cleans all the organs along the track. 
the main purpose of the cleanse is to eliminate the mucoid plaque that has built up in these organs caused by unhealthy eating and processed foods.

we are nervous and anxious for the cleanse. it's a pretty hard core cleanse that lasts 28 days. 
we will only be eating fruts and veg that are on the approved list for the cleanse. 
the last week of the cleanse is a juice fast, so that should be interesting. no solids, just juice.

we are looking forward to the benefits of the cleanse and hoping to feel lighter, healthier and happier with how we treat our bodies. 

we are doing daily vids throughout the process so check out our youtube channel (here) if you want =)

and for your viewing pleasure... this is what the mucoid plaque looks like that lines all the digestive organs. this is caused by eating processed foods, and prevents our organs from absorbing vital nutrients.
sections of plaque as large as 2-4 feet long are not uncommon! yikes. 

you're welcome

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