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Monday, July 30, 2012

4th & 24th of July

I have been a bit of a blogging slacker.
so a little catch up is in order.

the 4th and 24th of July are by far my favorite holidays of the year.
first off they are smack dab in the middle of the best season: summer
without fail, family gathers and bbq's are had. 
usually (not this year though) a pool is involved.
the parades and carnivals (and yummy corn on the cob!)
and then there are the fireworks. 
one of my all time favorite things. 
they are just so magical.

last year over the 4th we were on our honeymoon watching fireworks over the gulf of mexico. not to mention the little beach firework show we got to watch from our hotel room! 
(not THOSE kinda fireworks, cmon guys! ;)

annnyways, i LOVE everything about these two holidays.

for the 4th we headed to bountiful for the day. we watched the west bountiful parade from my grandmas house, then got our volleyball on. 
we had a bbq and then headed to the sugarhouse fireworks. 

sadly i only got one pic from that day. 
waiting for fireworks

the 24th was a similar situation naturally.

we headed to the bountiful parade. it was fun to have brock there because this is the parade i spent all my years going to.

this year they had a special entry in the parade. they had 2000 men and boys from around davis county representing the stripling warriors. it was really a neat site to see.

then we headed to the carnival for some corn on the cob. YUM.

after the carnival we headed up to mueller park for fireworks. 

this was BY FAR the BEST firework show i have ever seen. they went all out. not only were the fireworks amazing, and i saw many that  i have never seen, but it was really long! i was very impressed to say the least. 

and what else is one supposed to do while waiting for fireworks to start ?
(besides play on the ipad (which we do not own) like everyone else was doing)......

take pics of course



  1. You look beautiful! I love your hair that color!!! You are just so darn cute!

  2. love your skirt where did you get it