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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Surprise Trip Day 6

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today we headed to chicago from ohio.
the drive was about 6 hours so we broke it up by stopping for a few hours at 
cedar point amusement park
this place was pretty amazing. 
its full of roller coasters that compete with the tallest fastest in japan. 

there were three coasters that that brock wanted to make sure we went on, and we were lucky enough to make it on all three, before each of the rides closed temporarily for maintenance 

the first one we went on was 
top thrill dragster.
this one was CRAZY.
you get up to 120 mph in like 3 seconds and it shoots you straight up in the air 420 feet!!

next was the millenium force
this on is taller than the statue of liberty!
this place is located on lake erie so its really cool to look out when you are at the top of these roller coasters because you are surrounded by water.

we went on  a few others before we left. 
sadly the older i get the more easily i get motion sickness. 
i never had a problem with it until the last couple of years. 
roller coasters are one of my favorite things.

here is an awkward little video brock took. 
i hate hearing and seeing myself on video...


we left and continued our drive.
the point of going to chicago was to see the francoms. 
sadly i didn't get any pics of them while we were together so here is one from our wedding.

and here are a couple pics of their cute kids from our day in chicago.

charlotte, hank and autumn

we spent the night at their house then headed to the city the next day.
we saw the bean, went to the john hancock building, went to the art museum, navy pier and took a water taxi.
oh we also had deep dish pizza. not a fan.

Mark and Rachel totally spoiled us by hooking us up for the night at The Palmer House
Our room was so cute.

and that lobby! um wow.

The remaining days of our vaca were spent relaxing and travelling.

It was the best 8 days.
I loved every second of our trip and even more, love all the one on one time I got with my boy.
He is the sweetest husband and I love him so much.

Anniversary number one down, many many more to come!
I sure have a lot to live up to next year!!

Thanks babe for the best anniversary trip.
I love you.

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