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Thursday, June 28, 2012

peacocks in the backyard!!

i had quiet the eventful morning today. 
normally i wake up sometime after brock gets out of the shower. We read scriptures and pray before we leave for work. well this morning i didn't wake up, and for some reason brock didn't wake me up. (which i secretly loved), so i got a little sleep in sesh.
but then i was woken by an in-human awkwardly LOUD noise. 
i jolted up and sat in bed trying to figure out what i had just heard. i was still half asleep so i wondered if i had just dreamt it cause i didn't hear it again. 
after a quick inspection of the house, 
i went and used the bathroom and then i heard it again. 
so i walked towards the back yard and here is what i saw!!

first: two white peacocks.
here is a vid

then i heard one over in the neighbors yard, this time it was one of the colorful ones!


then it headed over to our yard.....i was a bit nervous with the chickens back there but it minded it's own business.

this next vid gets a closer look since it came over to our yard.


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