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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pallet Chicken Coop

We are in the process of making our chicken coop. If you have ever looked at prices of chicken coops they are expen$ive ! !
Like upwards of 300-700 bucks!
uhm no thank you.

So we must build.

The goal: $50 bucks or less.
The Material: Pallets and free plywood 

Here is a pic of their temporary coop. 
This is a shed that I got for free off KSL. After the coop is done, this will be refinished to match our house, and we will use it as a shed.
Can't beat free!!


There is a car dealership near our house that is continually trying to get rid of large sized pallets. They were perfect for the framing of our coop:


It doesn't look like much yet, but you better believe I have a vision!!

Here are a few pics of the progress so far!


I found perfect windows at the second hand store for $5bucks each, you can see them above. 
We framed the whole thing out using 5 pallets and 2 for the floor. They were about 2-3 the size of normal pallets so they are pretty tall turned on their side which makes the coop over 6 ft tall. 


This is the front wall. we cut out a little door for them. We plan on putting a drop door on a pulley here. Outside their little door is where their run will be. The other larger open area is the frame of the people door so we can get in to clean the coop. 


This is the outside of the front wall where their run will be. 


This is the back of the coop. The part sticking out is where the nesting boxes will be. This is actually an old rabbit hutch that my husbands uncle gave to us for free. Underneath that will be closed off at the end of the wall. Here we have the windows installed and the flat part of the roof. The rest of the roof will be slanted down towards the nesting boxes.


This is the floor framed out with pallets. We used 2 for the floor and will cover that with plywood then vinyl flooring for easy cleaning.
I got a small roll of free vinyl from Courtney. She works in the flooring dept at RC Willey so she pulled some scrap for me! freefreefree!


We hinged the back of the rabbit hutch where the nesting boxes will be, for easy egg access!!


Here is a couple of our little ladies checking out their new diggs


This is the flat part of the roof. My husb was smart, he built in cross beams to make the whole thing more sturdy. That made for a couple inches of ventilation up there between the walls and the roof. 
Hopefully I can find some free shingles somewhere. Any ideas?

And that is where we left off!

The whole thing is about 7 ft x 6 ft and probably 6.5 feet tall.... maybe 7 ft? 

We have 7 little ladies, so that should be plenty of room for them!!

TOTAL COST SO FAR.......$15 !!!!
windows $10
yard sale plywood $5
the rest of the plywood was free from our bro in law leftover from previous projects!! Thank heavens for freeeee!!!!

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  1. That's awesome it looks good and I'm impressed at the low cost! Too bad you couldn't get any shingles from the wind storm in bountiful a few months ago they were all over the place I hear :)