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Thursday, June 28, 2012

peacocks in the backyard!!

i had quiet the eventful morning today. 
normally i wake up sometime after brock gets out of the shower. We read scriptures and pray before we leave for work. well this morning i didn't wake up, and for some reason brock didn't wake me up. (which i secretly loved), so i got a little sleep in sesh.
but then i was woken by an in-human awkwardly LOUD noise. 
i jolted up and sat in bed trying to figure out what i had just heard. i was still half asleep so i wondered if i had just dreamt it cause i didn't hear it again. 
after a quick inspection of the house, 
i went and used the bathroom and then i heard it again. 
so i walked towards the back yard and here is what i saw!!

first: two white peacocks.
here is a vid

then i heard one over in the neighbors yard, this time it was one of the colorful ones!


then it headed over to our yard.....i was a bit nervous with the chickens back there but it minded it's own business.

this next vid gets a closer look since it came over to our yard.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

pallet chicken coop update

This weekend we finished the majority of the walls and roof. 
We have one more small wall under the nesting boxes to fill in, but we ran out of plywood. 
Looks like that will be our first expense outside of the windows.

We are still at $15 total spent so far!

We got the rest of the roof up.

Then filled in the sides


We got he rest of the floor down


This is the remaining wall we need to fill in, and where the nesting boxes will be. These nesting boxes will hopefully be replaced with something a little nicer looking soon =)

We have three boxes for 7 girls, and i know they don't care what they look like, so they will do for now.


and here is the roll of vinyl flooring i got for free to put on the floor inside.


we just need to finish the doors, the run and paint!!
we are getting closer!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

weight loss....

as of today, I have lost 11 lbs in exactly three weeks. 

brock has lost 14 lbs in 3 weeks.

i am in the process of writing a blog post on exactly how we did it so stay tuned (if you are interested).

till then, i made a smoothie this morning for breakfast and it was SO good and easy that i thought i would share it here.

Banana Mango Smoothie

2 champagne mangoes- these are the smaller yellow mangoes. they are much sweeter than normal mangoes so they add the sweetness to this smoothie.

1 banana

2 strawberries

unsweetened apple juice- we make sure to check the label on the apple juice (and all other foods) to make sure there is no added sugar. whole foods has a couple brands that do not have added sweeteners. 

5 or 6 cubes of ice.

Peel the banana and mango, cut everything up and throw it in the blender and blend to desired consistancy.


Monday, June 25, 2012


yesterday in relief society our lesson was on trials and how to cope with them.
the teacher started off her lesson by saying 
"by the raise of hands, who feels like they are going through a trial right now"

slowly hands started popping up, and i sat there for a few seconds trying to think of a trial, so i could join the other hands. but i couldn't come up with even one. 
i almost felt guilty not having my hand up with the rest of the sisters in the room who did, but i had to immediately dismiss that thought because even though i am not suffering through trials right this second does not mean that i haven't had my fair share, and right now, maybe i am just being blessed with peace in life. 

this post is in no way shape or form to boast about the fact that i don't have any huge trials on my plate right now. there are certainly stressful things in my life, just like everyone else. 
but just to recognize the beauty in my life and how grateful i am for soooooooo many blessings.

i am a very blessed woman. 
i have an amazing husband who is my best friend and is always on my team. 
he understands me (most of the time), he accepts me for who i am and loves me. 

i am blessed to have the gospel in my life, and the reasurrence that I am never alone, and that my Savior is always by my side, he knows me and he loves me. he died for me and has felt every pain and sorrow that i have felt and will ever feel. 

i am blessed to have answers to my prayers and people around me that listen to the spirit and act on their feelings. 

i am blessed with a family, and the opportunity to create my own eternal family. 

we live in a beautiful world that was created just for us. 
i know that there are mannnnnny people suffering from trials and hardships, people in my own life, and people all over the world. these trials only make us stronger, and make us more aware of the beauty in our lives, once we can surface out of the trials that may consume us.

i say a small prayer in my heart for those who are suffering from trials, that they can have peace in their souls and see the true beauty of life, even in the darkest of times. 
and another small prayer of gratitude to my Heavenly Father who blesses us daily and opens our eyes to the wonders of life. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Memorial Day Shooting

We went shooting again in Memorial day.
This time Molly joined us.

Do you think we had enough guns?

I think we had 11 guns between the 3 boys!

We got to shoot our new guns finally.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Me, as Mary Poppins!

a few months ago my friend michelle threw a musical theme party.
the rules were you had to dress up as a character from a musical and bring a treat that had to do with your character.
immediately i knew what i was going to go as.....
the one and only, 

Mary Poppins!

she is by far my favorite so it was an easy decision!

I found everything that I didn't already have at the thrift store. 
all together it was about 10 bucks. 

for my treat i melted chocolate into spoons with sprinkles, for...
a spoon full of sugar!

I didn't get very many good pics, but here is what I have.

It was a lot of fun, and I even won the best costume prize which was a big gift basket full of movie goodies for two, including a movie, a musical of course!

Michelle was one of the people from the mascaraed from phantom!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Surprise Trip Day 6

{ Days 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 }

today we headed to chicago from ohio.
the drive was about 6 hours so we broke it up by stopping for a few hours at 
cedar point amusement park
this place was pretty amazing. 
its full of roller coasters that compete with the tallest fastest in japan. 

there were three coasters that that brock wanted to make sure we went on, and we were lucky enough to make it on all three, before each of the rides closed temporarily for maintenance 

the first one we went on was 
top thrill dragster.
this one was CRAZY.
you get up to 120 mph in like 3 seconds and it shoots you straight up in the air 420 feet!!

next was the millenium force
this on is taller than the statue of liberty!
this place is located on lake erie so its really cool to look out when you are at the top of these roller coasters because you are surrounded by water.

we went on  a few others before we left. 
sadly the older i get the more easily i get motion sickness. 
i never had a problem with it until the last couple of years. 
roller coasters are one of my favorite things.

here is an awkward little video brock took. 
i hate hearing and seeing myself on video...


we left and continued our drive.
the point of going to chicago was to see the francoms. 
sadly i didn't get any pics of them while we were together so here is one from our wedding.

and here are a couple pics of their cute kids from our day in chicago.

charlotte, hank and autumn

we spent the night at their house then headed to the city the next day.
we saw the bean, went to the john hancock building, went to the art museum, navy pier and took a water taxi.
oh we also had deep dish pizza. not a fan.

Mark and Rachel totally spoiled us by hooking us up for the night at The Palmer House
Our room was so cute.

and that lobby! um wow.

The remaining days of our vaca were spent relaxing and travelling.

It was the best 8 days.
I loved every second of our trip and even more, love all the one on one time I got with my boy.
He is the sweetest husband and I love him so much.

Anniversary number one down, many many more to come!
I sure have a lot to live up to next year!!

Thanks babe for the best anniversary trip.
I love you.

Pallet Chicken Coop

We are in the process of making our chicken coop. If you have ever looked at prices of chicken coops they are expen$ive ! !
Like upwards of 300-700 bucks!
uhm no thank you.

So we must build.

The goal: $50 bucks or less.
The Material: Pallets and free plywood 

Here is a pic of their temporary coop. 
This is a shed that I got for free off KSL. After the coop is done, this will be refinished to match our house, and we will use it as a shed.
Can't beat free!!


There is a car dealership near our house that is continually trying to get rid of large sized pallets. They were perfect for the framing of our coop:


It doesn't look like much yet, but you better believe I have a vision!!

Here are a few pics of the progress so far!


I found perfect windows at the second hand store for $5bucks each, you can see them above. 
We framed the whole thing out using 5 pallets and 2 for the floor. They were about 2-3 the size of normal pallets so they are pretty tall turned on their side which makes the coop over 6 ft tall. 


This is the front wall. we cut out a little door for them. We plan on putting a drop door on a pulley here. Outside their little door is where their run will be. The other larger open area is the frame of the people door so we can get in to clean the coop. 


This is the outside of the front wall where their run will be. 


This is the back of the coop. The part sticking out is where the nesting boxes will be. This is actually an old rabbit hutch that my husbands uncle gave to us for free. Underneath that will be closed off at the end of the wall. Here we have the windows installed and the flat part of the roof. The rest of the roof will be slanted down towards the nesting boxes.


This is the floor framed out with pallets. We used 2 for the floor and will cover that with plywood then vinyl flooring for easy cleaning.
I got a small roll of free vinyl from Courtney. She works in the flooring dept at RC Willey so she pulled some scrap for me! freefreefree!


We hinged the back of the rabbit hutch where the nesting boxes will be, for easy egg access!!


Here is a couple of our little ladies checking out their new diggs


This is the flat part of the roof. My husb was smart, he built in cross beams to make the whole thing more sturdy. That made for a couple inches of ventilation up there between the walls and the roof. 
Hopefully I can find some free shingles somewhere. Any ideas?

And that is where we left off!

The whole thing is about 7 ft x 6 ft and probably 6.5 feet tall.... maybe 7 ft? 

We have 7 little ladies, so that should be plenty of room for them!!

TOTAL COST SO FAR.......$15 !!!!
windows $10
yard sale plywood $5
the rest of the plywood was free from our bro in law leftover from previous projects!! Thank heavens for freeeee!!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


i introduced brock to Bruges waffles and frites
we got this and it was delish.

uh. yuuum.

brock decided to get fresh with petunia the pig

and wisper sweet nothings in her ear. he doesn't even do that to me!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Suprise trip day 5

today was mostly spent driving back to ohio.
there isn't much to do while driving, so picture taking usually wins out.

we had stop and go rain storms the whole way so i recorded on of them.
they were pretty intense


and some pointless road trip pics.

the drive was actually really really pretty when it wasn't raining.
green and trees everywhere along the highway. the whole way.

today was pretty uneventful.
we drove, ate, and watched a movie or two on the wall.


 i am way behind in blogging, 
here are a few older random pics i found 

when i hold the camera for the self portraits i cut off his head cause im too short. opps

and last but not least.....
we found this horrifying bug in our house!
i freaked to say the least.
this is a zoomed up pic cause it was on the ceiling. it was like an inch long!
needless to say, i freaked until i could see and verify it was dead

wtf is that?!