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Saturday, May 19, 2012


i blogged yesterday about our the weekend of 
nothing-ness we were looking for.
little did i know, there were big plans for our weekend.....

i was woken at 6am this morning and given the order from brock to get dressed in some comfortable walking shoes and jeans. 
that's all that was said. 
so of course the questions start flying out of my mouth.
where are we going?
whats going on?
do i need to look cute?
do i need to bring my purse?

all to which his reply were "don't worry about it, i have it taken care of"
so i gave up on getting anything out of him and followed the orders.

the demands started getting more and more 'interesting'
i was given ear plugs to put in my ears, and a blind fold.
still with no insight to what was going on, i followed the orders.
he had me wait for a few minutes
 in our room while he got a few things together.
what those things were, i had no idea.

he then carefully led his blindfolded wife outside to the car:

by the time we got to our destination i was really ready to know what the heck was going on. 
the next part lincoln recorded, so here it is.....


 he planned a trip out to ohio, where his parents live, chicago where we have family friends and new york city to cross off my bucket list,  for our one year anniversary! (which is still over a month away.)
this guy!
he pulled off the ultimate surprise
if that doesnt earn him the best husband ever award i dont know what will! 
and he thought of everything.
he had my bag packed. 
remember everything i needed and them some.
seriously i am THAT girl....you know, the one with THE sweetest husband. yep.

we went in and checked our bag and while we were in line, a lady stopped me and said " i saw you guys outside. did you know about this!?" i said no he surprised me with this trip! she then said to brock, "oh im going to tell my husband about you! how sweet!"
i kinda felt like we were on our honeymoon again!

and just like that we were off!

and the picture taking began.

we landed in cleveland where brock's parents were waiting.
once we got there, the plan was that there was no plan. 
i mentioned that going to a major league baseball game was on my bucket list since we don't have one in utah and its something i had never done.

next thing i knew, we were at the cleveland indians game!

the game was perfect. 
the weather was perfect.
the seats were perfect.
and they won!

after the game "tourdell" gave a little tour of cleveland
we got some pics of lake erie.
again, perfect weather.
it was beautiful

we hit up a random street fair then headed to brock's parents house. 

once we got to twinsburg i got the high school tour, where my husband was on pretty much every team,
 most importantly the football team
and then got a tour of their house, 
which he spent many of his growing up years after texas.
it was so fun to be able to see his neighborhood and house and where he spent his days!
while we were dating i took brock on the 'ashlee's life tour'
all the important places from my past can all be found within a few miles of each other in utah, but since brock has lived a few different places outside of utah, i haven't been able to see these things until now!
i love it. 
and we got this trip scheduled in right in the nic of time because his parents just sold their house! 

so here's the plan:
tonight and tomorrow night we are in ohio staying at brock's parents house
monday we drive to new york and spend 2 nights there 
wednesday we are back in ohio with his parents
then thursday we are driving to chicago to visit our adored family friends the framcoms for a couple nights.
then back to ohio where we will fly home on sunday

luckily monday is memorial day, so we will have a day to get back into the swing of things and slowly get ourselves out of vacation mode.

its going to be a packed week but i am soooooo excited!
im going to try to blog each day so that i dont get behind and dont forget anything!
this trip is going to be EPIC!
wait. it already is!!!

moral of the story:
my husband is the bomb.com

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  1. Ash that is so cute!! Have fun!!!

  2. This is awesome. You DO have an awesome/thoughtful husband. I cant believe he packed everything for you.. I would like to see Matt try and do that. Hope you have an awesome week(of course you will)! Miss you!