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Saturday, May 26, 2012

surprise trip day 4

tuesday we did some much appreciated sleeping in. 
we didn't leave the bed until 10 am and it was glorious.
those thick dark curtains that they put in hotel rooms that block like 
99.9% of the outside lite are genius. we need those in our bedroom.

we made a game plan and headed out.

first things first.
we had to stop for a hot dog.
then we had to stop for a piece of pizza of course.
i found a renewed love for pizza. usually i am not the biggest pizza fan.....
but then 
abitino's came into my life. 
seriously THE best buffalo chicken pizza i have ever had.
we went there twice it was so good. i even wanted to take a whole pizza back to our room for breakfast and lunch the next day. no joke.
soooooo good. chicago sure has something to prove now. 

after we ate we went to planet hollywood to get the "new york city pass" if you are going to nyc anytime soon, i highly recommend getting one. it pays for itself in just 2 or 3 different attractions. most of the things we did were free with the pass so we definitely got more out of the pass than what we paid.

first on the list was 

this place was really cool and really creepy to me all at the same time. 
it's ridiculously insane how life like the wax figures are, but i felt like i was looking at a dead person, kinda like when you see someone in a casket. 
totally morbid though i know, but i was creeped out the whole time. 
i also kept thinking that one of them would start to move like they do on those prank shows. 

we then headed to the
this was one of my favorite parts of new york city. 
we were worried with all the rain and fog that we would not have a good view, but luckily the weather calmed a bit and was just overcast and cloudy most of the day.

here's a little video we shot from the top.

next we headed to

next up, we went to the ART MUSEUM and then to

and finally....
all i can say is AMAZING
it was sooooo good.
i wish i could see it again already

today was an amazing day
with my amazing husband

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  1. i am so jealous you went to phantom. thats my dream. haha.