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Thursday, May 10, 2012

I've got some catching up to do.

it has been 3 months since i last blogged.
where has the time gone!?!

i am now out of school (for only a few more days)
but i made a list of goals i wanted to get done while i was on my break.
blogging topped the list...among a couple other list toppers.
i have a lot of catching up to do, but for now i wanted to share this.

it goes along with my thoughts on kids and electronics. but this is the other way around. parents and electronics.
read it here. i think that this is SO important, and really we all just need to 'check ourselves'
how often are you picking up your phone?
 and is that what is really important in that moment? more than likely not.
we can all (me included) get sooooo consumed in the devices we have and the limitless entertainment they provide. i am guilty of pinning, and facebooking, and blogging.
brock and i dont have kids yet, but this can still apply to our lives.
i have recognized times that i was having a conversation with brock, with a computer screen in my face. or times when I could have been helping him out with something around the house but instead i needed to catch up on my google reader.
what opportunities did i miss because of that?
how did my pre-occupation make my sweet husband feel?
i was not giving my undivided attention to the relationship that is most important to me.
EVEN more important than the latest project on the DIY blog or looking at pictures of someones latest vacation.

We have become a one cell phone family (not  smart phone none the less), and we are still alive. we went MONTHS without internet and i loved it. we now have it and we have definitely weakend our boundaries as far as internet consumption goes.
so after reading the blog post i shared above, I want to rededicate myself to being more present in LIFE and not being online so much. listening to my husband with both ears and not checking the phone while having a conversation with someone.
i will find balance in these things and set limitations. thats the key.
 setting limits.

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