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Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday goodness.


its pouring rain outside.
im sitting in my office with alllll 2 windows wide open.
the clean cool breeze is making for perfect sleeping conditions.
too bad i cant curl up on my desk and sleep!
there is something so calming about a rainstorm after a few days of heat in the spring time.
the bright green grass and the trees are soaked, surrounded by gray skies.
the occasional boom of thunder that makes my heart skip a beat everytime.
and the smell.... oh the smell.
so good.

today is a good day,
after all it is friday.
i am looking forward to a purposely unscheduled relaxing weekend with my husband.
unscheduled, other than the visit we get to make to see a braaaand new baby tonight!
we have been wanting a weekend with nothing planned, and we made it happen this weekend.
we got the house cleaned and organized this week for less weekend work. i don't have to prepare a sunday school lesson for this sunday, and i get my husband alll to myself!
sounds like a recipe for the perfect weekend.

and i guess id be ok if this rain decied to stay for a few days.
its kinda nice

happy weekend!!

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