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Saturday, May 26, 2012

surprise trip day 4

tuesday we did some much appreciated sleeping in. 
we didn't leave the bed until 10 am and it was glorious.
those thick dark curtains that they put in hotel rooms that block like 
99.9% of the outside lite are genius. we need those in our bedroom.

we made a game plan and headed out.

first things first.
we had to stop for a hot dog.
then we had to stop for a piece of pizza of course.
i found a renewed love for pizza. usually i am not the biggest pizza fan.....
but then 
abitino's came into my life. 
seriously THE best buffalo chicken pizza i have ever had.
we went there twice it was so good. i even wanted to take a whole pizza back to our room for breakfast and lunch the next day. no joke.
soooooo good. chicago sure has something to prove now. 

after we ate we went to planet hollywood to get the "new york city pass" if you are going to nyc anytime soon, i highly recommend getting one. it pays for itself in just 2 or 3 different attractions. most of the things we did were free with the pass so we definitely got more out of the pass than what we paid.

first on the list was 

this place was really cool and really creepy to me all at the same time. 
it's ridiculously insane how life like the wax figures are, but i felt like i was looking at a dead person, kinda like when you see someone in a casket. 
totally morbid though i know, but i was creeped out the whole time. 
i also kept thinking that one of them would start to move like they do on those prank shows. 

we then headed to the
this was one of my favorite parts of new york city. 
we were worried with all the rain and fog that we would not have a good view, but luckily the weather calmed a bit and was just overcast and cloudy most of the day.

here's a little video we shot from the top.

next we headed to

next up, we went to the ART MUSEUM and then to

and finally....
all i can say is AMAZING
it was sooooo good.
i wish i could see it again already

today was an amazing day
with my amazing husband

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

surprise trip day 3: times square

we left bright and early for our 7 hour drive from ohio to new york.

we stayed in the bronx to save on hotels and it wasn't too bad. just a short bus and subway ride to the city.
when we arrived, it was raining so we bought an umbrella and off we went.

our first stop was


we tried to see the statue of liberty but the fog was just too thick, all we could see was the base of it. we saw the new world trade centers that are being built,
we had a yummy dinner at an italian place, walked around some more and headed back to our hotel.

it was a good day.

Surprise Trip Day 2

Sunday we went to sacrament with kordell and reneee
they took us to see their potential new house and one of the doors happened to be unlocked so we got the tour.
then i got the area 'hot spots' tour.
which included a yummy ice cream stop and a cool hike.

our tour guide kordell. also know as "tourdell"

this was our little hike. ohio is SO beautiful. it is FULL of trees. i just couldn't believe how many trees there were everrrrry where. all the back yards are just huge tall trees. i wish we had that in utah. i can't get enough if it. it was so pretty and enchanting. 

my cute and fun mother and father in law.
they have definitely added to this trip. they have let us stay at their house a few nights, have fed us, even let us use a car they just bought for rachel to use at BYU and renee bought me a plane ticket out here for my birthday which we used for this trip! they are pretty much the best in laws! and spunky too! 

and this is what happens when my husband gets a hold of the camera:

next up: NYC!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

cinnamon rolls

as i have stated multiple times in the past, 
i can not master the art of making the cinnamon roll.
brock is a huge baked goods lover and sweet rolls top his list.
sadly, i can not make them. (but i haven't given up)

brock attempted his first batch of home made sweet rolls and of course his turned out perfect!
 on the first try!

he totally showed me up with his baking skills.
he could teach me a thing or two.

jazz game

a few months ago brock and i went to the jazz game
(yes, it has been thaaat long since i blogged and i have a lot of catching up to do)

Saturday, May 19, 2012


i blogged yesterday about our the weekend of 
nothing-ness we were looking for.
little did i know, there were big plans for our weekend.....

i was woken at 6am this morning and given the order from brock to get dressed in some comfortable walking shoes and jeans. 
that's all that was said. 
so of course the questions start flying out of my mouth.
where are we going?
whats going on?
do i need to look cute?
do i need to bring my purse?

all to which his reply were "don't worry about it, i have it taken care of"
so i gave up on getting anything out of him and followed the orders.

the demands started getting more and more 'interesting'
i was given ear plugs to put in my ears, and a blind fold.
still with no insight to what was going on, i followed the orders.
he had me wait for a few minutes
 in our room while he got a few things together.
what those things were, i had no idea.

he then carefully led his blindfolded wife outside to the car:

by the time we got to our destination i was really ready to know what the heck was going on. 
the next part lincoln recorded, so here it is.....


 he planned a trip out to ohio, where his parents live, chicago where we have family friends and new york city to cross off my bucket list,  for our one year anniversary! (which is still over a month away.)
this guy!
he pulled off the ultimate surprise
if that doesnt earn him the best husband ever award i dont know what will! 
and he thought of everything.
he had my bag packed. 
remember everything i needed and them some.
seriously i am THAT girl....you know, the one with THE sweetest husband. yep.

we went in and checked our bag and while we were in line, a lady stopped me and said " i saw you guys outside. did you know about this!?" i said no he surprised me with this trip! she then said to brock, "oh im going to tell my husband about you! how sweet!"
i kinda felt like we were on our honeymoon again!

and just like that we were off!

and the picture taking began.

we landed in cleveland where brock's parents were waiting.
once we got there, the plan was that there was no plan. 
i mentioned that going to a major league baseball game was on my bucket list since we don't have one in utah and its something i had never done.

next thing i knew, we were at the cleveland indians game!

the game was perfect. 
the weather was perfect.
the seats were perfect.
and they won!

after the game "tourdell" gave a little tour of cleveland
we got some pics of lake erie.
again, perfect weather.
it was beautiful

we hit up a random street fair then headed to brock's parents house. 

once we got to twinsburg i got the high school tour, where my husband was on pretty much every team,
 most importantly the football team
and then got a tour of their house, 
which he spent many of his growing up years after texas.
it was so fun to be able to see his neighborhood and house and where he spent his days!
while we were dating i took brock on the 'ashlee's life tour'
all the important places from my past can all be found within a few miles of each other in utah, but since brock has lived a few different places outside of utah, i haven't been able to see these things until now!
i love it. 
and we got this trip scheduled in right in the nic of time because his parents just sold their house! 

so here's the plan:
tonight and tomorrow night we are in ohio staying at brock's parents house
monday we drive to new york and spend 2 nights there 
wednesday we are back in ohio with his parents
then thursday we are driving to chicago to visit our adored family friends the framcoms for a couple nights.
then back to ohio where we will fly home on sunday

luckily monday is memorial day, so we will have a day to get back into the swing of things and slowly get ourselves out of vacation mode.

its going to be a packed week but i am soooooo excited!
im going to try to blog each day so that i dont get behind and dont forget anything!
this trip is going to be EPIC!
wait. it already is!!!

moral of the story:
my husband is the bomb.com

links to the rest of the trip:
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday goodness.


its pouring rain outside.
im sitting in my office with alllll 2 windows wide open.
the clean cool breeze is making for perfect sleeping conditions.
too bad i cant curl up on my desk and sleep!
there is something so calming about a rainstorm after a few days of heat in the spring time.
the bright green grass and the trees are soaked, surrounded by gray skies.
the occasional boom of thunder that makes my heart skip a beat everytime.
and the smell.... oh the smell.
so good.

today is a good day,
after all it is friday.
i am looking forward to a purposely unscheduled relaxing weekend with my husband.
unscheduled, other than the visit we get to make to see a braaaand new baby tonight!
we have been wanting a weekend with nothing planned, and we made it happen this weekend.
we got the house cleaned and organized this week for less weekend work. i don't have to prepare a sunday school lesson for this sunday, and i get my husband alll to myself!
sounds like a recipe for the perfect weekend.

and i guess id be ok if this rain decied to stay for a few days.
its kinda nice

happy weekend!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I've got some catching up to do.

it has been 3 months since i last blogged.
where has the time gone!?!

i am now out of school (for only a few more days)
but i made a list of goals i wanted to get done while i was on my break.
blogging topped the list...among a couple other list toppers.
i have a lot of catching up to do, but for now i wanted to share this.

it goes along with my thoughts on kids and electronics. but this is the other way around. parents and electronics.
read it here. i think that this is SO important, and really we all just need to 'check ourselves'
how often are you picking up your phone?
 and is that what is really important in that moment? more than likely not.
we can all (me included) get sooooo consumed in the devices we have and the limitless entertainment they provide. i am guilty of pinning, and facebooking, and blogging.
brock and i dont have kids yet, but this can still apply to our lives.
i have recognized times that i was having a conversation with brock, with a computer screen in my face. or times when I could have been helping him out with something around the house but instead i needed to catch up on my google reader.
what opportunities did i miss because of that?
how did my pre-occupation make my sweet husband feel?
i was not giving my undivided attention to the relationship that is most important to me.
EVEN more important than the latest project on the DIY blog or looking at pictures of someones latest vacation.

We have become a one cell phone family (not  smart phone none the less), and we are still alive. we went MONTHS without internet and i loved it. we now have it and we have definitely weakend our boundaries as far as internet consumption goes.
so after reading the blog post i shared above, I want to rededicate myself to being more present in LIFE and not being online so much. listening to my husband with both ears and not checking the phone while having a conversation with someone.
i will find balance in these things and set limitations. thats the key.
 setting limits.