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Monday, January 23, 2012

weekend recap

We had a very nice productive weekend.
Mainly consisting of a date DAY! As opposed to a date night, ours lasted all day, and I loved every second of it!

Friday it took me over an hour to get home. Traffic....grr.
But, Brock had gotten a load of laundry in, got the grocery shopping done (the chore I utterly despise) and had dinner nearly finished by the time I got home.
Oh, and he had a rose waiting for me!
Seriously, I have the best husband.

We had some dinner and cuddled up to a Friday night movie.

Saturday was our date DAY.
We started off by attending the Bountiful temple bright and early. Actually it was still dark, so dark and early, for a sealing session.
I just love being in the temple. I feel like it is all still pretty new to me, being newly endowed, but Brock and I go at least once a month, so I am slowly starting to feel so much more comfortable in the temple performing these sacred and amazing ordinances. It really feels like home. It is MY temple and even though I may not know EVERYTHING about all the ordinances that are done there, I know that I am able to feel my Heavenly Fathers love there and the meaning of life and eternal families just resonates through me. It's a pretty great feeling. Not to mention the work that is being done for people that can not do it for themselves. It is amazing.

After the temple we headed back home for a couple hours, Brock watched some of his Star Craft Videos, while I took a glorious nap. Seriously, it was one of THOSE naps....perfectly warm and content and relaxed in my bed. Waking up feeling rested and relaxed. It was sooooo nice!

After nap time, we headed out for massages!
Neither of us have had massages before and we got these for Christmas.
Unfortunately it was not what we were expecting.
It was more of an adjustment that it was a massage. So we will need to try the massage thing  again... somewhere else.
After our massages we headed to Olive Garden for lunch!

After lunch we ran a couple errands and headed home.

For dinner we met up with Kyle & Krissie. They have been telling us about this place they like called Meditrina
It was fun to try something new!
And while we were there I realized that was the first date we had been on with other people since we have been married!

Here are some CRAPPY pics from our stupid phone.
We don't have a digital camera so this is what we get till we get one cause I refuse to lug around the SLR and pull that honkin thing out to ask people to take pics of us!

It doesn't help that it was really dark in there either but here they are.

After dinner we cuddled up in bed and watched Mission Impossible III on the laptop.
I hadn't ever seen any of the Mission Impossible movies and all I have to say is
they are stressful!!
I was tense and stressed the whole time! Then after the movie I just had a bazillion questions.
But it was pretty good.
I think I need to watch the first one now, then go see the new one.
Seriously though, I think I might need to take a Xanax before hand!

Sunday was nice and relaxing. We have 1:00 church now so we have lots of time before church.
We both got new callings so we will be release from scouts and primary.
I'll miss our sweet little kids but I wasn't too attached to either calling so it wasn't too big of a deal.
(is that bad?)
I got called to be the new Gospel Doctrine teacher. Yikes.
Brock is going to be the 12 year old scout master.
He will be really great at that. He has a way with relating to these young boys and they will be really lucky to have him.
We got home juuuust in time to see the Ravens miss the last second kick (that was painful to watch) and then headed to Bountiful for Sunday dinner and some more football (homework for me).

It was a fantastic weekend and we are not ready for it to be over!

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