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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Sign Stays!

As I wrote last week, I made this sign that I have been debating keeping up 
I really liked the sign and thought it was clear that I was saying that we don't care to waste time making the bed, because we would rather use that time to make memories....doing other things (not in the bed)
I asked for everyones opinions and got a mixed review. Some people understood what I was going for and liked it, some people said ya it sounds like thaaat (innuendo)
So I was still kinda torn but decided to leave it up because
1. I like it
2. I know what I was thinking when I made it and how I wanted it to come across
3. No one will really be in our bedroom anyways and we both know what it means

Then yesterday I read a post from a blog I follow and love, and she was talking about her design style and to own what you love.


1 comment:

  1. Ash! You are so adorable!! Thanks for sharing this with me, I LOVE your sign!

    love your guts