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Friday, January 13, 2012

One day at a time..

This is how I am currently living my life.
Otherwise I might crumble.

The last little bit has been very busy for me. The new year, starting school, trying to finish bedroom projects, trying to get back on a normal sleeping schedule after the holidays and all the days off that we enjoyed of being lazy and sleeping in.

I've had two issues lately. number one, starting school.
It feels overwhelming when I think about allll that i need to do for school. But the second I realize I can just take it day by day, it seems easy and definitely an accomplish-able task (if accomplish-able wasn't a word before, it is now!)
the other daunting issue I have is weight loss goals.
When I think about where I want to be vs where I am, it feels impossible.
But again, when I think about it on a day to day basis, not a HUGE goal that I neeed to reach by a certain time, it is do-able! It feels like something I can tackle.

current life motto:

ok on to the next.

my aimless ramblings:

Happy Friday the 13th! oooOoH
We have the new Planet of the Apes on reserve for tonight.
Do you think that will be a scary enough movie for our Friday the 13th celebrations?

Tomorrow we are going shooting.
I'm pretty excited AND definitely nervous about that. Hopefully getting familiar with guns and shooting will eliminate the fear I have of them.

I got an invitation to a girls night in the other day and oooooh and I excited!!
It is a musical theme, which I loooooove!
We get to pick a character from a musical and dress up like them and we need to bring a treat that goes along with our character/musical!
I immediately knew what I was going to be and after about 10 minutes of thought, came up with the perfect treat! But its a secret till the time comes because there will be a guessing game where we guess who each other is!
What a fun idea right?!
It has been a while since I have had a girls night so it will be super fun.

That leads me to my next ramble....
A couple of things in the past couple days have led me to recognize some personality/characteristic changes that I have had since being married.
Keep reading, and tell me if any of you have had this happen.

Before I got married I was pretty social. I liked being in social situations, I liked hosting game nights in my tiny little apartment, I liked making new friends. And I felt like I became pretty good at it (which has not always been the case, but developed over my yearrrrrs if singledom). I enjoyed it and it didn't feel forced. Like I never felt like ohh I better go to this party or this gathering or this activity cause I am single and I have nothing better to do and maybe HE (my future husb) will be there. I just went because I enjoyed to.
Annnnyways, I am the opposite now.
I don't love being social.
If I could choose to go out with a bunch of people all the time or spend the night in with my husband, I would choose the night in with my husband EVERY time, in a heartbeat.
I feel like making (couples) friends in our ward to hang out with is pointless, because I hardly see the friends I currently have, why add more to that that will take even more time away from the people that are currently in my life.
Some advice I have gotten before and since being married is to make sure you have girls time, or time out with others. Maybe it is because I am still a 'newlywed' but I'd still rather just be with my boy.
I do agree with the advice of spend some time away from each other, but I'd rather spend that away time as ME time.
Now don't get me wrong, I love being with others, I love having family over and friends over. I love looking forward to fun themed girls nights out. It's great. But for the most part I just want to soak up all the time I get with Brock.
I have mixed feelings about this characteristic change.
I like it because it is where I feel most comfortable in my current situation.
I don't like it because it takes any social-ness out of me. And I know that Brock enjoys being social and making new friends.
Anyways, did any of you go through this when you got married?
Changes in your personality or characteristics?
Maybe this specific one?

This is a long boring post. Sorry. Just needed to get some things out there in my little corner of the world.

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  1. I feel the same way about just wanting to stay in with the hubby, I would much rather do that then anything else. I honestly only enjoy like 1 girls night a year, I don't do it much at all. Most of our friends out here are both of our friends so if we do something social we do it with spouses. Plus when you are busy and start to lose some time together you would rather be with him instead of any one else just that much more.