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Monday, January 30, 2012

Goats and Silkies

As Brock got into bed tonight this is what our nightly discussion included:

Me telling Brock that I want a silkie chicken
 (since we are planning on getting chickens...this is the kind I want). 
I then proceeded to show him what they look like online. 
I'm in love. And I think he is too even though he won't admit it.

Then goats came up in the discussion 
(not cause we want to get goats. they just happen to come up in our convo) 
and Brock told me: 
"Goats have scary eyes. Google it."

It was THE most random thing I think I have ever heard him say! 
Needless to say, it made me laugh. A lot!

And he was right!
Google goat eyes. They are kinda scary.

And while you are at it, Google "silkie chickens"
 They are by far the cutest things I have ever seen!
I need to figure out how where to get mine!
Our (free!)chicken coop is in our back yard chicken-less.
We need to start filling it!

It's a soft white puff with a beak.

p.s. we now have internet =( ...... long story short: there was a pervert at the library and now I don't want to go back. and with allll online classes, internet is a short term necessity. I'm hating it already. (Except for being able to google goat eyes while I'm in be with my husb. Oh and being able to blog in the comfort of my bed.)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Brock's Birthday

I never really got around to blogging about Brock's bday. 
Probably because I didn't really take any pics.
We had his family over for dinner. Yummy Enchiladas. I also tried a new dessert recipe. Chubby Hubby Bars.
I'll have to post the recipe.

We had to work on Brock's birthday, so I sent him to work loaded with presents to open. 
I found this cute idea on Pinterest and gave it my own twist.
I asked his mom what time he was born and from that hour, every hour, I had a present for him to open. 

For the next couple months I'll only be a year older than him (26 and 27...till I turn 28...yikes)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Recipe: Chilis Salsa

This is another recipe that I got out of my “Americas Most Wanted Recipes” recipe book. This book has tons of restaurant recipes that are delish.
This is where I got the delish zuppa toscana recipe that I use regularly..
I always have a batch of this stuff made, sitting in the fridge. It’s so good on everything! Even mac and cheese! Yes, Brock and I eat this on our mac and cheese. It’s really good on enchiladas (which I will be posting our fav recipe of soon) It’s good for chips and salsa, and much more. YUMMM!
I usually just have it in a plastic juice pitcher. It’s easy to just pour on whatever, and they hold a lot, if you want to double the recipe! I usually do

{I have made my own notes in red}

Chili’s Salsa
4 tsp fresh or canned (not pickled) diced jalapeno pepper ( I can’t wait till we have our garden so we can use fresh ones! But for now I use the sliced one that come in a jar)
½ cup diced onion
One 14 oz can tomatoes and green chilis
One 14 oz can whole peeled tomatoes, with juice (I use diced peeled tomatoes with juice cause we have like 2 cases, same diff)
½ tsp garlic salt or to taste
½ teaspoon cumin or more to taste
¼ tsp sugar, or to taste

Place the jalapeno and onion in a food processor ( or blender, if you don’t have a food processor. It works just as good); pulse for just a few seconds

Add both cans of tomatoes and the garlic salt, cumin, and sugar

Process all the ingredients until well blended, but do not puree. You want the salsa to be kinda chunky.

Serve immediately or refrigerate.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Sign Stays!

As I wrote last week, I made this sign that I have been debating keeping up 
I really liked the sign and thought it was clear that I was saying that we don't care to waste time making the bed, because we would rather use that time to make memories....doing other things (not in the bed)
I asked for everyones opinions and got a mixed review. Some people understood what I was going for and liked it, some people said ya it sounds like thaaat (innuendo)
So I was still kinda torn but decided to leave it up because
1. I like it
2. I know what I was thinking when I made it and how I wanted it to come across
3. No one will really be in our bedroom anyways and we both know what it means

Then yesterday I read a post from a blog I follow and love, and she was talking about her design style and to own what you love.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sometimes all you gotta do is ask!

Remember yesterday when I posted some pics and complained about not having a digital camera and having crappy phone pics, well I got to thinking and thought about how many people just use their iphones (or other smart phones) for pics these days. Why carry around a camera if you don't have to right?
I decided to post on facebook to see if anyone had a digital camera lying around that wasn't being used and wanted to go to a place where it would get lots of use. 
Sure enough......
Aubry Bennion to my rescue!

....and now I can effortlessly keep my 2012 goal of taking more pictures!

Monday, January 23, 2012

weekend recap

We had a very nice productive weekend.
Mainly consisting of a date DAY! As opposed to a date night, ours lasted all day, and I loved every second of it!

Friday it took me over an hour to get home. Traffic....grr.
But, Brock had gotten a load of laundry in, got the grocery shopping done (the chore I utterly despise) and had dinner nearly finished by the time I got home.
Oh, and he had a rose waiting for me!
Seriously, I have the best husband.

We had some dinner and cuddled up to a Friday night movie.

Saturday was our date DAY.
We started off by attending the Bountiful temple bright and early. Actually it was still dark, so dark and early, for a sealing session.
I just love being in the temple. I feel like it is all still pretty new to me, being newly endowed, but Brock and I go at least once a month, so I am slowly starting to feel so much more comfortable in the temple performing these sacred and amazing ordinances. It really feels like home. It is MY temple and even though I may not know EVERYTHING about all the ordinances that are done there, I know that I am able to feel my Heavenly Fathers love there and the meaning of life and eternal families just resonates through me. It's a pretty great feeling. Not to mention the work that is being done for people that can not do it for themselves. It is amazing.

After the temple we headed back home for a couple hours, Brock watched some of his Star Craft Videos, while I took a glorious nap. Seriously, it was one of THOSE naps....perfectly warm and content and relaxed in my bed. Waking up feeling rested and relaxed. It was sooooo nice!

After nap time, we headed out for massages!
Neither of us have had massages before and we got these for Christmas.
Unfortunately it was not what we were expecting.
It was more of an adjustment that it was a massage. So we will need to try the massage thing  again... somewhere else.
After our massages we headed to Olive Garden for lunch!

After lunch we ran a couple errands and headed home.

For dinner we met up with Kyle & Krissie. They have been telling us about this place they like called Meditrina
It was fun to try something new!
And while we were there I realized that was the first date we had been on with other people since we have been married!

Here are some CRAPPY pics from our stupid phone.
We don't have a digital camera so this is what we get till we get one cause I refuse to lug around the SLR and pull that honkin thing out to ask people to take pics of us!

It doesn't help that it was really dark in there either but here they are.

After dinner we cuddled up in bed and watched Mission Impossible III on the laptop.
I hadn't ever seen any of the Mission Impossible movies and all I have to say is
they are stressful!!
I was tense and stressed the whole time! Then after the movie I just had a bazillion questions.
But it was pretty good.
I think I need to watch the first one now, then go see the new one.
Seriously though, I think I might need to take a Xanax before hand!

Sunday was nice and relaxing. We have 1:00 church now so we have lots of time before church.
We both got new callings so we will be release from scouts and primary.
I'll miss our sweet little kids but I wasn't too attached to either calling so it wasn't too big of a deal.
(is that bad?)
I got called to be the new Gospel Doctrine teacher. Yikes.
Brock is going to be the 12 year old scout master.
He will be really great at that. He has a way with relating to these young boys and they will be really lucky to have him.
We got home juuuust in time to see the Ravens miss the last second kick (that was painful to watch) and then headed to Bountiful for Sunday dinner and some more football (homework for me).

It was a fantastic weekend and we are not ready for it to be over!


I tagged along with the boys a couple weekends ago to go shooting.
Brock, Andrew, Kyle Lincoln and me. 
It was a lot of fun. They were nice to let me come along!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

this is MY kind of assignment!


My latest assignment in my writing class:

"All writers procrastinate occasionally-some just procrastinate more effectively than others. After brainstorming or free writing about your favorite ways of procrastinating, write a humorous or serious essay on procrastination."

I think I can handle that, since I am the BIGGEST procrastinator ever.

Don't rush me! I'm waiting till the last minute!


I wish all my assignments were this easy....and personally relate-able!

P.s We are getting chickens!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I need your input...Yes that means YOU!

I need your help.

Don't worry about my feelings, I can take it.

I made this sign for our bedroom.
Kinda like the little sayings people have in their house like..
"please excuse the mess, the kids are making memories"

It's supposed to be like that.
Buuut my brother in laws were over on Saturday and they said that it has a lot of innuendo.
Like, no time to make the bed, we are busy doing ottttthhher stuff. Get it?

That is NOT what this is supposed to suggest!
It is supposed to be cute and meaningful, saying we don't care if the bed isn't made, we would rather be making memories together. (not in the bed!)

I never would have thought that in a million years that it was suggestive, but of course the boys pointed that out and now I am self conscious about it! I don't want people thinking we don't make our bed cause we are too busy gettin busy! noooo!

So I need your opinions!! PLEASE
Do you think it is suggestive?
What do you initially think when reading/seeing it?


p.s. that's our headboard which I am in love with. I haven't really posted any pics of it yet. So here it is!

Friday, January 13, 2012

One day at a time..

This is how I am currently living my life.
Otherwise I might crumble.

The last little bit has been very busy for me. The new year, starting school, trying to finish bedroom projects, trying to get back on a normal sleeping schedule after the holidays and all the days off that we enjoyed of being lazy and sleeping in.

I've had two issues lately. number one, starting school.
It feels overwhelming when I think about allll that i need to do for school. But the second I realize I can just take it day by day, it seems easy and definitely an accomplish-able task (if accomplish-able wasn't a word before, it is now!)
the other daunting issue I have is weight loss goals.
When I think about where I want to be vs where I am, it feels impossible.
But again, when I think about it on a day to day basis, not a HUGE goal that I neeed to reach by a certain time, it is do-able! It feels like something I can tackle.

current life motto:

ok on to the next.

my aimless ramblings:

Happy Friday the 13th! oooOoH
We have the new Planet of the Apes on reserve for tonight.
Do you think that will be a scary enough movie for our Friday the 13th celebrations?

Tomorrow we are going shooting.
I'm pretty excited AND definitely nervous about that. Hopefully getting familiar with guns and shooting will eliminate the fear I have of them.

I got an invitation to a girls night in the other day and oooooh and I excited!!
It is a musical theme, which I loooooove!
We get to pick a character from a musical and dress up like them and we need to bring a treat that goes along with our character/musical!
I immediately knew what I was going to be and after about 10 minutes of thought, came up with the perfect treat! But its a secret till the time comes because there will be a guessing game where we guess who each other is!
What a fun idea right?!
It has been a while since I have had a girls night so it will be super fun.

That leads me to my next ramble....
A couple of things in the past couple days have led me to recognize some personality/characteristic changes that I have had since being married.
Keep reading, and tell me if any of you have had this happen.

Before I got married I was pretty social. I liked being in social situations, I liked hosting game nights in my tiny little apartment, I liked making new friends. And I felt like I became pretty good at it (which has not always been the case, but developed over my yearrrrrs if singledom). I enjoyed it and it didn't feel forced. Like I never felt like ohh I better go to this party or this gathering or this activity cause I am single and I have nothing better to do and maybe HE (my future husb) will be there. I just went because I enjoyed to.
Annnnyways, I am the opposite now.
I don't love being social.
If I could choose to go out with a bunch of people all the time or spend the night in with my husband, I would choose the night in with my husband EVERY time, in a heartbeat.
I feel like making (couples) friends in our ward to hang out with is pointless, because I hardly see the friends I currently have, why add more to that that will take even more time away from the people that are currently in my life.
Some advice I have gotten before and since being married is to make sure you have girls time, or time out with others. Maybe it is because I am still a 'newlywed' but I'd still rather just be with my boy.
I do agree with the advice of spend some time away from each other, but I'd rather spend that away time as ME time.
Now don't get me wrong, I love being with others, I love having family over and friends over. I love looking forward to fun themed girls nights out. It's great. But for the most part I just want to soak up all the time I get with Brock.
I have mixed feelings about this characteristic change.
I like it because it is where I feel most comfortable in my current situation.
I don't like it because it takes any social-ness out of me. And I know that Brock enjoys being social and making new friends.
Anyways, did any of you go through this when you got married?
Changes in your personality or characteristics?
Maybe this specific one?

This is a long boring post. Sorry. Just needed to get some things out there in my little corner of the world.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

debbie downer

If you are having a good day, don't read this post!

I'm a total downer today for wishing I was things I am not.

I wish I was the pretty/sexy/skinny/perfect little wife. 
I wish I was more motivated with school, and could handle it like everyone else
I wish I lived somewhere warm.
I wish I could travel more.
I wish I could/would do all the projects I want to do.
I wish I wish I wish.

Now, let me just say, it is hardly ever that I actually feel this way. 
But some days it's like the self esteem bus crashes and I just feel very inadequate....
Even though I know that my husband loves me the way I am.
Even though I know not everyone handles school well or wants to go, or even excels at it.
Even though I know I shouldn't be comparing myself to people I see on facebook and blogs.

Luckily I know today will pass and tomorrow I will feel fine.
But right now...booo!

I guess it doesn't help that I haven't put any makeup on for 2 days and have come to work in my workout clothes and look like a homeless person!

Friday, January 6, 2012

date night!

tonight i have a date with my hotty husb that will include the following:



more than likely some good cuddling!

I love nights in with my boy.
They are cherished times that I fear losing to school, babies, callings, and all of life's other responsibilities.
But for now, I will soak up allllll the alone time I get with my best friend and take advantage of the time I get him all to myself!